Debbie Bartels|Jun 5, 2018
My love, thoughts, and prayers are with the entire family!! I love hearing all of Dave's updates, they are very encouraging!!
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Dena Vandervest|Jun 4, 2018
Keep fighting Dave!
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Kristi Smeester|Jun 3, 2018
Continuing to send love!!! Fight hard, Dave!!! Keep making improvements every day!!!
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melissa andrist|Jun 3, 2018
Great news for our family, keep fighting Uncle Dave u got this💕💕
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Sandi Paremski|Jun 3, 2018
Finally some good news!!!! Keep on trucking Dave😁
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Cody Gigot|Jun 3, 2018
This is great news. Keep pluggin away Dave!
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Laura Gardner|Jun 3, 2018
You got this Dad and we're all behind you!!! Love you 💞
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Amber Massart|Jun 3, 2018
Yay! Getting better!!! You are one tough dude Uncle Dave!! You got this! ❤️❤️❤️
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Miriah .|Jun 3, 2018
One step at a time Dad! I love you so much.
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