Arlene Yusnukis|Jan 8, 2018
I’ve got one from my neighbors paper
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barb myers|Jan 7, 2018
Glad to do that and the girls are prominent in our thoughts and prayers....Love, Stan and Barb
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Terry Dickinson|Jan 7, 2018
We will pass on our copy!
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Peter Kast|Jan 7, 2018
We have one. When would you like it?
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Sarah Vance|Jan 7, 2018
I would be happy to make copies for you...just let me know how many. Then you could have them available at the reception(?).
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Lori Austin|Jan 7, 2018
Sunny, We'll save our copy! The obituary is a beautiful snapshot of David's life. Although time did not allow Tom and I to get well acquainted with you both, we certainly admired and respected you from a distance. You both modeled so much inspiration over the past many months. You have shown the community what it means to live well and die well. We pray God's richest and deepest mercy and peace to you.

Lori and Tom Austin
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Kim Southard|Jan 7, 2018
It was a lovely obituary and I have a copy that you're welcome to have.
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