Journal entry by SUNNY BRIDGE

Thank you, thank you to the many kind volunteers for the bed-moving project, but we were able to manage it with family muscle and ingenuity. The hospital bed arrived just in time yesterday. David has declined over the past few days, in both strength and mental clarity, and last night took a dramatic turn for the worse. The hospice nurse was just here and predicts only one to three days more, but says he actually could go at any time.

As of this morning he will have liquid meds every two hours around the clock, which should be easier to administer and keep him more evenly medicated. The pain has been well managed, but the agitation coupled with confusion has been troubling the past couple of nights. He is resting peacefully at the moment, so I wanted to give you this update and release those on call for the furniture shifting.

Our daughters are here, and David's brother Doug arrives within the hour. So I have all the physical help I need, and a great deal of moral support, but would really appreciate prayer support. It is a heartbreaking time. At the same time, for his sake, I would not wish this stage prolonged.

Just received a text from a friend with these words, "Praying that our God and Savior will plant the peace that passes understanding deeply within all of you as the veil between this world and His Kingdom thins for a homecoming for David. May His presence be astonishingly noticeable." I didn't even know this friend had my cell number, as our paths cross rarely these days, yet these were the exact words I needed to hear at this moment. I love how God works. 

Aside from the obvious injustice of cancer cutting a beloved life short, in another blessing, the timing is as good as it could be -- family here for Christmas, and this is the week (between Christmas and New Year's) that we always close the business, so all my attention can be on David. 

I do not expect to write another update until he's gone, so for now thank you dear ones for all the support in so many ways throughout this sixteen month odyssey. You have been the hands and arms and feet of God to us. Bless you.
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