Diane Catlin|Dec 24, 2017
Love to you Sunny and David. I've been sending the girls love on Facebook. My husband Michael and I would be happy to help with moving the bed and anything else you need. 970-581-1186 Big giant hug, Diane Catlin
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Kim Kosht|Dec 22, 2017
We are praying Sunny. Praying you all feel His presence with you in such a special way. Truly, Jesus is the prefect comforter .
Peace and Joy to you in the little things and in each moment.
Much love,
Kim and David
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Lynne McCoy|Dec 22, 2017
Terry and I offer our help with the bed. Merry Christmas!
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Jennie Drogoszewski|Dec 22, 2017
Sending lots of love your way. I can just picture you all admiring the lights on the tree and listening to Christmas music. As you said, what a gift to have these extra days. Big hugs, jennie, aaron and Vera
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Kathy Hahn|Dec 21, 2017
Wishing you more hand holding moments. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. May the blessings of this season be with you all in a special way.
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Penny Kast|Dec 21, 2017
Your story is such an amazing journey of love, sacrifice, and dependence on one another. Thank you once again for teaching me how to live each day intentionally with a willingness to focus on the wonder in the simplest things. Love you Sunny and David.
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gogusey pascale|Dec 21, 2017
nous sommes toujours si émus de lire les nouvelles puis si heureux de partager les bons instants avec vous. Nous vous souhaitons un bon Noël ensemble, un moment de paix et d'espoir Mais on aimerait tellement plus.....
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Sharon Glesmann|Dec 20, 2017
Thank you for the beautiful Christmas blessing and may our Prince of peace comfort you and continue to bless you with his strength and courage.
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Peter Kast|Dec 20, 2017
Sunny- Happy to help as needed. Will be around.
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David Everitt|Dec 20, 2017
I'm available to help with the bed after Christmas through the 30th. Love you two! Have a nice Christmas with the family. Pretty special.
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