Sarah Vance|Dec 17, 2017
Thank you so much, Sunny for sharing God's faithful nearness to you and encouraging the rest of us.
Here's an excerpt from Mary Tileston's devotional (12/13):
Our days are numbered: let us spare
Our anxious hearts needless care:
T'is Thine to number out our days;
T'is ours to give them to Thy praise.

Praying that you and David hear the angels singing over you.
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Diane Catlin|Dec 15, 2017
Sending love and twinkling lights and hugs and warm memories. Give David a big hug from me please.... diane
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Carol Castor|Dec 14, 2017
So precious are your words. I am, as always, impressed how you see the beauty of the waves and clouds rather than worrying about the storm. Love to you all. Carol and Mark
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SUNNY BRIDGE|Dec 14, 2017
Okay, Jim, that was hilarious. Made me laugh, so thank you. Dan, never heard that story about the elk, but David confirms he was "juvenile" enough to think that was a great idea. Yikes. Thanks, everyone else for your kind words!
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Jim Southard|Dec 13, 2017
We continue to prayer for you guys, and especially for David if he is now having to endure Hallmark Christmas movies on top of everything else. :) But I'm glad you have the opportunity to share that time together.
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Dan Nygaard|Dec 13, 2017
As I've been following your story, I've often thought of my first weeks in Colorado and David's welcoming of a strange outsider. I remember his strong mind, sharp comments, big laugh. I remember the time he wanted to get as close as possible to elk and walked away from the quest with a handful of elk hair. I'm thankful for David and to him. I pray for a miracle, even now, even when it seems too late. Am counting on divine peace--always. Anticipate knowing an even bigger, more joyful David in the Kingdom of Heaven. Emmanuel. God is very near--
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Bonnie Bailey|Dec 13, 2017
I'm so thankful for the gift of each new day you share together. Our prayers continue...
Love you both!
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Meg and Tom Bridge|Dec 13, 2017
Thank you for this update, Sunny, and please give David a hug for and from us from afar. We remain so grateful that he's having these continuing more stable days, and glad for you that you have more moments with him for Hallmark Christmas movies! Also so glad for you that you are finding joy in the Season's twinkling of light. Us too. Love, Meg and Tom

A recent Advent Prayer:
"In God alone there is rest for my soul, from you comes my safety; God alone is my rock, my safety, my stronghold so that I am not shaken." (Ps. 62: 1-2)
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Frances Way|Dec 13, 2017
I chuckle to think of David watching those Hallmark Christmas movies! We love you both and rejoice in each day God gives you together!
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Carol Christ|Dec 13, 2017
Yay God!!! Yay David!!! Yay Sunny, you awesome dream woman!!
Thank you so very much for very generously giving us the Holy Ground of your heart - your true, real, raw, spectacular heart. I love you so! I love you both! I love all 3 of you!
David, I love you so and I am in awe of how you have been living and being. You have changed my life by your example several times since I have known you and here you are again.
Sweet, precious, deep love breathed into each of you by the Father of Lights and love Himself!
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