Journal entry by SUNNY BRIDGE

As of yesterday, it's been five weeks since home hospice began, and David is still reasonably stable. He's a bit less steady on his feet and continues to sleep much of each day, but we are able to enjoy a few moments together here and there. We have temporarily moved a small TV into the bedroom, and sometimes in the evening we'll watch Hallmark Christmas movies together, something for which he would have had ZERO patience or interest before. But since he doesn't have breath to talk much, it is at least some time spent together. If I just sit and look at him, I tend to end up weeping, so improbable plots and happily-ever-afters seem a better option.

Since he is still strong enough to get himself out of bed and into the chair or occasionally into the next room, and he is still eating and drinking (mostly Ensure and the occasional Harry & David super-ripe pear), the hospice nurse agrees that he does not seem to be in his final days. Final weeks, yes, but he may actually once again outlive expectations and make it to Christmas. No guarantee, of course, so we stay focused on and grateful for each new day.

I've always hated when terrible things happen at Christmas, but in the midst of a time of prayer and meditation the other day, I had this realization: I actually really appreciate the fact that at this difficult time, I'm in the midst of twinkling lights, holiday cheer, timeless music, and heartwarming movies. So I'm going to soak them in and savor every minute I can. 

As always, dear ones, we are also so very grateful for all of you -- the cards, the comments here, the food, the errands, the flowers, the group of carolers! What a touching treat that was. Bless you all! Thank you for continuing to keep us in your hearts and prayers as we travel this hard bit of road together.
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