Joan and Ron Pierce|Dec 5, 2017
We are thinking of you and your family this holiday season . We hold close to our hearts wonderful memories of being with you in Colorado and especially the one particular day when you officiated and hosted our wedding. It couldn't have been more perfect as the two of you went above and beyond, including Sunny's music and David's parting the heavens to bring out the sun.
We know that there are many others besides us who have appreciated and benefitted from your generosity and good humor. You have lived life well, contributed to the lives of many, and we care about and admire you both.
Joan and Ron
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BRYCE WALL|Dec 4, 2017
David & Sunny, we recently checked out your video presentation at your church, from a few months ago. You two have always been so transparent, and so full of compassion. Your mercy gifting - your deep desire that every person has their voice heard - has had it's impact for many years. And from the willingness of David to perform Sharon's and my wedding to the memories of Sunny's heart for worship, you have been a special part of our lives. So, please know that we are praying for you during this time. Love, Bryce & Sharon
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Diane Catlin|Nov 28, 2017
Love you guys!!!! Big hugs all around. Praying for more good moments. David's humor is unlike any I've ever encountered!!!
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David Everitt|Nov 28, 2017
Love the periodic peek-a-boos of humor and joy that warm your souls and ours. Lovin' you both, David and Sunny as we pray. Always here if we can assist with the more mundane concerns you may have from day to day as well.
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Janet Thomason|Nov 28, 2017
Our love and prayers are with you each day!
Janet and Dave
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Barbara Pigati|Nov 28, 2017
So glad you had the family with you and David for Thanksgiving. And that he was able to be his entertaining self for a while to add to your wonderful memories as a family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Lauri Lane|Nov 27, 2017
Hello Beautifuls, sending our love to you and our prayers to our awesome God. May His presence be with you in love and joy and comfort.
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Kathy Hahn|Nov 27, 2017
So happy to hear that David is having some good days and able to enjoy being with his family. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.
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Meg and Tom Bridge|Nov 27, 2017
Dear Sunny, David, Courtney, Brittany, Chelsea, Brian, Bailey, and Felicity,
How grateful we are to read this news. Of course, we wish we too could have been there, but we were and are with you in spirit, and think about you constantly. We're so glad that David was able to be out with everyone, even if for a short while. What a wonderful blessing to have these days. What a gift. Holding you close in prayer. Every day. Love, Meg and Tom
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Janie Uhlig|Nov 27, 2017
This news is so great and a blessing for all of you!
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