Thoughts & Well Wishes

Mims Harris | Nov 9, 2017
Dearests Sunny and David,
Once again, Sunny, thank you so very much for making time to write a detailed update about David and you.
I'm most appreciative.
The sad news is not unexpected and yet, very sad for you to write and for us to read.

I'm so glad you have the extraordinary Pathways Staff in your lives...they are the best, as you well know.

I send lots of positive energy to both of you and am with you in spirit.
Love and a BIG HUG to each of you,
Christine Christman | Sep 27, 2016
Hello David and Sunny...I just spoke with my neighbor Sarah Vance and learned of David's diagnosis and your journey as a family.  I want you to know how much I took into my heart your lists of gratitude and your prayer "encircle us Lord".  I will be praying that for you all.
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Wendy Williams | Aug 30, 2016
Shocked and saddened by this news.  And so blessed by your vibrant faith.  Know that you are all in my prayers.  We serve an awesome God who can & does miraculously heal.  I am praying and trusting you will experience His presence and love during this difficult time.
Phil Christ | Aug 29, 2016
David, first I want to apologize for being out of touch with you.  I so value your friendship and have missed you very much! 

As I ponder the news about you, I am deeply convicted that this is not yours to struggle alone, but that I must step up to praying fervently to our Father in full faith on your behalf.  When you feel weak and discouraged, others must stand up for you in faith.  I will pray and pray, David.  I must say that part of my wrestling with God on this is that I don't understand why this would happen when you are such an asset to the Church.  We need you, with your wonderful transparency and your willingness to share your faith journey so freely, with such a sense of hope and encouragement.  You are unique and wonderful in this.  I pray that you have a full recovery very soon, and that we will get to hear more wonderful stories from you of your journey:  how you have been hearing from God about who you are before Him and of His great love for you as he touches you personally and speaks to you in the midst of this very difficult time. 

Standing with you, and waiting...

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