Bill Murbach|Dec 15, 2018
Awesome, awesome news me amigo....soooo happy for you! Now go and enjoy your retirement! Looking forward to the next time our paths cross!
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Linda Regester|Dec 14, 2018
That is quite an amazing story of medical success! I think you could be a poster child for the treatment they used. How refreshing to know that a team of doctors were working together. You could also be a poster child for staying active to stay healthy as you age. I imagine that you will enjoy your retirement so that you can pursue your many passions. Praying that one of those passions will be to get to know God in all his fullness through Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible. May this Christmas find you in awe of God's greatest gift of His Son in order to make the one way that sinful beings can be made right with a holy God. Praising God for his care and provision for you through all of this. Merry Christmas, Dave! ....Linda
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Abby Lorenz|Dec 14, 2018
Kent and I are overjoyed with the good news! Wishing you a blessed Christmas and the happiest of New Years as you officially retire! Enjoy each and every day!!!
Love and hugs,
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Scott Thompson|Dec 14, 2018
Wow! happy to hear this Dave! God bless you!
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Andy Vespestad|Dec 14, 2018
Awesome news Dave! Merry Christmas to you and your family!
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Tom Danford|Dec 14, 2018
Great news Dave!! I am so happy health concerns are waning. I am very confident that you and Jean will have a wonderful new chapter in your lives to embrace! All the best my friend!!
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Lisa Lamb|Dec 13, 2018
I just want to cry with happiness, we have all been on this journey with you Dave. Love, prayers, support, Frosties, hugs, any way you look at it, WE LOVE YOU! We have been at your side every step of the way and to hear that you are doing so well is a relief to all of us.
Happy Skiing.. and kayaking...and golfing... and biking...Hugs,Lisa
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Cindy Hoppe|Dec 13, 2018
That is the best news I’ve heard in a long time! I bet you’re the first patient Dr. J’s had that’s gone skiing less than 3 months after a stem cell transplant. You are a-mazing. I’m so happy you’ll be able to enjoy your retirement in good health.
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Steve Nelson|Dec 13, 2018
Great news and we wish you well in dealing with the big "C." Thanks for sharing and you will remain in the thoughts and prayers for the cancers to continue in remission. You couldn't ask for a better Christmas present and have a great Christmas and enjoy retirement.
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LeAnn Scacco|Dec 13, 2018
wow. Wow. WOW!!!
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