Journal entry by Dave Clark

These past two weeks have, fortunately, been much less eventful than the first week following my discharge from the hospital.  Have strictly been following Doctor's orders in all things, and taking all of the various prescriptions they've put me on.

The C Diff infection has cleared up, and so we've discontinued the antibiotic prescribed for that.   And the Thrush infection in my throat and mouth has likewise abated, so we've also stopped the "Swish and Swallow" regimen prescribed for that problem.   And it's now been over two weeks since my last nausea experience, and so they've had me quit the compazine anti-nausea prescription as well.  Except for a couple of recent rainy days, have been going for regular daily walks -- with a mask on -- of extended distances, over a mile.  So getting some regular exercise.

This past weekend I passed the 30-day post-transplant milestone, which added two significant changes in my lifestyle.   Most significantly, I CAN NOW DRIVE myself again !!   And, all of my blood counts have improved to the point where I no longer need to wear a mask to walk outdoors anymore.  In highly concentrated environments, yes, but otherwise no longer need a mask to leave the house.

However, the one negative is that apparently I have not been hydrating sufficiently, and so they've still got me doing IV fluids at home every day.  We're now keeping track of fluid intake, and if I can absorb higher levels of fluids daily, then next week we'll be able to discontinue the IV Fluids at home, and can then take out the "Central Line" (Tunnel Veinous Catheter) that I've had in place now for the past five weeks.   Then I'll be completely untethered, and able to shower more easily and so on.

So we're at a transition phase now.  Certainly not ready to return to work yet.  And with respect to other more physical activities, the team tells me that Golf and Cycling and Kayaking and Skiing are all on the "No-No" list, for at least the next 3 months.  So while I'm definitely doing better than I was two weeks ago, I've still got a long road of recovery ahead of me.  Looks like this ski season I'll be sitting on the sidelines for a change.  Sigh.  But may get in some late-season activity come February-March.   We shall see.

Upcoming milestones ahead will be another Bone Marrow Biopsy in 4 weeks, along with another PET scan.  Those two procedures will give us a more accurate reading on what's going on in my rebuilding bone marrow.  And if those signs are all good, then soon thereafter we'll be able to begin re-vaccinations for all of the protections lost with the transplant.

So unless something unexpected arises, for the next 4 weeks I'll simply be continuing my at-home recovery, and will plan to check back in after we get the results of those upcoming bone marrow biopsy and PET scan procedures.

Thank you all again for your continued support and prayers and good wishes.  It's helping a lot, and I can see and feel improvements every week now.

To be continued ...

Dave Clark

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