Wm Scott Wright|Oct 19, 2018
Great news Dave, thank you again for the best update yet!!! Enjoy all the comforts of home and we will continue thoughts and prayers for progress and recovery! Continued Blessings, Scott & Theresa Wright
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Terri Branson|Oct 19, 2018
So thankful prayers are being answered!
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S Basten|Oct 18, 2018
So glad your home now. I pray for continued healing and strength. Healing of your shoulder too. Cheers & love, Sue & Steve
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Lisa Lamb|Oct 18, 2018
Continued prayers Dave~ Sounds like your in good hands. Lisa
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Richelle Muhlitner|Oct 17, 2018
That is fantastic news!!!
So very happy to hear that things are improving. Saw that pic of you skiing on the banner of this site and hope you will be able to get out there this winter!!!
Richelle and Rob
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Cindy Hoppe|Oct 17, 2018
Welcome Home Dave!!
Congratulations on this major milestone. You must be thrilled to be home. You look terrific and I’m so happy that you’re well on your way to recovery.
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Ann Harrington|Oct 17, 2018
Wonderful news Dave! So happy for you. Keep those Stem Cells happy and let them do their work! Still got those prayers coming.
Ann Harrington
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brian porter|Oct 17, 2018
Great news Dave! Pretty soon you'll be back in the kayak and on the Back 9! (Hopefully not as part of the same event....) Continued blessings to you and your family!
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Scott Thompson|Oct 17, 2018
Good news Dave...glad to hear! Continued prayers for you. Scott
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Carl Ichikawa|Oct 17, 2018
Dave, congrats on your discharge. Thanks for keeping us posted and best to you and Jean on this next chapter.
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