Thoughts & Well Wishes

Steve Nelson | Sep 30, 2018
Dave -   Been thinking about you and your journey.   You have a great positive attitude and thanks for sharing your journey through these unchartered waters.   As I read about your journey it brings back memories from my journey two years ago.     You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Scott and Theresa Wright | Apr 24, 2018
Hey Dave...sorry to hear the news...we just finished this snow ski season on a run at the top of Supreme lift in Alta, Utah. The name of the run is "Challenger", and we were blessed with two feet of fresh Utah powder! We know that you can relate! We also know that you can beat this current "Challenge" and you are in our thought's and prayers always!
Laura Nowak | Apr 20, 2018
David, David... no surprise that you're "numbering" the hell out of this! You continue to amaze me with your wit and your brilliance. 

Just know that you have a tremendous family behind you that will be praying for you through this "new journey".  We're here for you and we love you.  Keep pedaling, paddling and banging gates mister!!!