Georgia Bohnenstiehl|Oct 25, 2018
Dar is finally home♥️♥️
He will start in home rehab for 2 or 3 weeks and then go to outpatient near home. Thank you all for the prayers, love and support!!! He has a long road ahead but one thing I am sure of (or 2 things) he is a hard worker and will continue to improve because of his drive and 2, God has this!!♥️♥️
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Georgia Bohnenstiehl|Oct 16, 2018
Dar is continuing to improve, getting stronger & speech has improved. He was transferred to a private room today. He is in 218
Thanks again for all the love, phone calls, text, visits and most of all the prayers♥️
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Bruce Cornett|Oct 8, 2018
Hey Dar:

I noticed Georgia said you are standing straight and TALL! That is a remarkable recovery.

All of 66-C is looking forward to seeing you in Charleston so keeping working at the hardest job you will ever have. I know your determination will get you through this setback and we will have another great reunion.

Best of luck,

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barbara otto|Oct 7, 2018
Praying for a good rehabilitation. Keep the Faith, believe and receive your healing from God
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Billy Jackson|Oct 7, 2018
Keeping you in my prayers and thoughts.
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Donna Vargo|Oct 6, 2018
Were glad you're closer to home and Improving. We would like to visit, but know you are busy with therapy. Please let us know if you would like guests. We are praying for both of you to have patience. I know you have faith and all happens in Gods time.
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Mike Pearson|Oct 6, 2018
So glad to hear Dar is doing well in rehab. I know he's got things to do so look for a short stay. Sounds good with all the therapy sessions. We continue to lift your Dad and the rest of you up in our prayers. Hope we can visit soon.
Mike & Joan Pearson
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Amy Amend|Oct 6, 2018
Dad is doing great with physical therapy, getting lots of visitors, and keeping the nurses on their toes. Thank you everyone for your continued support and prayers.
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Karen Vesper|Oct 5, 2018
It’s good to know he is closer to home and on his way to recovery. There are lots of prayers being said for both of you. We are here for you if you need anything.
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Missy Ware|Oct 5, 2018
Welcome (closer to) home! Praying for rest and a full recovery!
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