Dar’s Story

Site created on September 29, 2018

Dar experienced a ventricular stroke on Thursday morning. He was delivering soybeans to Cargill in Gainesville, Georgia. During the stroke he lost control of his truck at a very low speed and it stopped at a building. There were no injuries from the vehicle, however the stroke is quite serious.

Dar was immediately taken by ambulance to Northeast Georgia Regional Hospital. Georgia and Kyle were both able to get to the hospital within a few hours of the accident. Dar is currently at Northeast Georgia Regional Hospital. Georgia is staying with him.

This website is available to share with anyone. Go to CaringBridge.org and type in his name- 'Dar Bohnenstiehl.'

Newest Update

Journal entry by Sarah Rogers

Dar moved yesterday to Navicent Health

The address is
3351 Northside Dr. 


Room 202 B

The visiting hours are
12 - 9, but he will have a lot of therapy sessions in the afternoons and is expected to be in and out of his room until 4pm.


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