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On June 29, 2018, Dan received the diagnosis that he has stage IV pancreatic cancer.  An active member in both the national, Eastern PA local, and collegiate soccer communities through refereeing and playing, we hope to support Dan as his gives his cancer the red card and sends it off for good.  A lover of the beautiful game, an avid runner of road races like the Broad Street Run, a son, husband, friend, colleague, and family member, Dan has touched the lives of many people.  Please join us in showing our love and support for Dan as he battles his PC.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Krissie Pannullo

Hello, friends & fam!  Things have been a bit quiet around these parts which is quite welcomed.  Dan's been through 5 rounds of chemo and the more recent rounds have been a bit easier on him.  This is great for his recovery weeks as he can get up and move around a lot more, and feel more like his old self.  We go back for round 6 on Oct 2, then will possibly have another CT scan to see how things are progressing.  His oncology team is working to find a good balance between hammering his disease and maintaining a good quality of life for Dan.  Something I personally feel is very important to help him get through these treatments.  Keep those fingers and toes crossed the good momentum keeps rolling!

I wanted to touch base on two things.  First, the PurpleStride 5K is less than two months away!  There is still plenty of time to sign up with the team, and get out there to train!  Right now we are ranked 11th out of 148 fundraising teams.  Please consider making a small donation if you are unable to attend the event.  Let's see if we can have Dan's team break the top 10!  We will be looking to make team t-shirts and start stocking up on all things purple in the coming month and a half!  I've got my hair already colored and ready to go.  ;)

On a more serious note, one thing I wanted to mention/stress is the fact that flu season is approaching.  With Dan going through a very aggressive chemo regimen, there will be times his immune system will be heavily compromised.  At the strong recommendation of his oncology team, I am passing along the request that any visitors we may have over the next few months make sure to employ illness prevention tactics (regular hand washing, avoidance if there is any chance of exposure, etc.) and consider getting a flu shot.  His NP stressed that frequent visitors MUST get one as soon as they are able to.  I myself will be getting one ASAP.  A friend linked me to this helpful piece that explains why flu shots as adults, and immunizations in general, are critical to protecting both young kids and adults who cannot protect themselves.  This is nothing personal, we are doing this to ensure Dan stays healthy through what could be a very problematic time ahead.

I hope everyone is doing well and again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support.  <3

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