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On June 29, 2018, Dan received the diagnosis that he has stage IV pancreatic cancer.  An active member in both the national, Eastern PA local, and collegiate soccer communities through refereeing and playing, we hope to support Dan as his gives his cancer the red card and sends it off for good.  A lover of the beautiful game, an avid runner of road races like the Broad Street Run, a son, husband, friend, colleague, and family member, Dan has touched the lives of many people.  Please join us in showing our love and support for Dan as he battles his PC.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Krissie Pannullo

I got word that Dan had met the requirements for the clinical trial we were considering, but unfortunately the randomization selected him for the chemo-only regimen.  This was the next course of chemo he would be doing if he hadn't enrolled in a trial, so we'll be going locally for his treatment again.  This is just the unlucky side of clinical studies and their critical need for data integrity and ethical placement of patients in the different regimens.  There are other trials on the horizon if and when Dan needs them.  I'm routinely researching options and working in pharma means I have knowledgeable colleagues who share anything they come across that might help us.  I've established some excellent contacts at UPenn as well as local and national support with PanCAN should I need to expedite anything for Dan.  The kitchen sinks are ready to be thrown when the time comes.

We are hoping he can restart chemo early next week and are just waiting for the scheduler to call.  I do ask if anyone wants to offer support right now, please leave it in the comments here or send it through me as Dan's been feeling a bit rough with this wait for treatment.  We both appreciate when people reach out, but I want him to rest as much as possible until he feels better.  Please just shoot me an email or text, or message me through here and I will pass it along to Dan.

At this time I don't have much else to report.  We're hanging in there and I'm in touch with his care team almost daily to make sure we manage his symptoms as best we can.  It was unfortunate that his initial chemo regimen did not last as long as everyone had hoped, but we're going to try to stay positive and perhaps a better option is out there waiting for him.
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