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Help Danny fight the biggest challenge of his life. It started with a pain in his left side that just couldn’t be placed and a visit to the doctor to find the source. Checks were done and an abnormal platelet count was found. This bought him a direct visit to the hemotologist/oncologist for further testing. A bone marrow biopsy was completed and while the good news was it wasn’t acute leukemia, it was a rare form of it called Myleodysplastic syndrome. The only cure for this subset of leukemia is a bone marrow transplant. In October of 2017 chemotherapy treatments were began to get the level of cancer in his blood low enough to proceed, a referral to Chapel Hill for an overseeing of his bone marrow transplant plans/care,and entering into the bone marrow donor bank. Come February 2018 his counts were ready, a 100% donor match was found and the call from Chapel Hill came. March 18th Danny was admitted to have aggressive chemo for 5 days and on the 6th day a bone marrow transplant. The treatment is tough and puts him in the hospital for at least 30 days post bone marrow transplant and 100 days post transplant he will have to stay in Chapel Hill so that close monitoring of his care can be completed. He will also need a costly anti rejection medications and round the clock care and assistance from his caregiver and wife Patti. This is going to be a battle but Duck has never turned one away and has never been more determined. Please contribute in any way you can, and join us in Praying for him and his fight. Help us to show him the love and support he has tirelessly showed his community over the years helping others without expecting in return.

SECU Family House 
123 Old Mason Farm Rd
Chapel Hill NC 27517

Newest Update

Journal entry by Jennifer Lane

Hey everyone! I know it has been a while since I updated. Dad remains at home and goes to the doctor weekly, alternating between his Dr here in Lincolnton and his Dr in Chapel Hill. Last visit he received good news and on the 22nd he will travel to Chapel Hill to get his Hickman (central line that you can see and hangs down with three ports) out as he has no longer been requiring IV magnesium. He will keep his porta cath which is a central line under the skin which has to accessed and deaccessed. He also will have CT scan to check on his lungs. Cardiology will be seen as well to see if he needs to continue his current cardiac medication regimen. They have a full day of appointments that day from 830 in the AM to 230 in the afternoon. Dad has been enjoying Camp Meeting and we can't tell you how great it has been to have the ones that have been praying for him get to speak life into him in person. He is steadily weaning off of his anti-rejection medication and will continue to do so over the next weeks. He now only has to wear his mask in big crowds (or least that is what he says). Mom says it only took her 40 years to get Daddy to like Camp Meeting!LOL. We are still feeling all the prayers and well wishes. Dad will never be cured totally but as of right now he is making almost all donor cells and all the numbers are where we want them. Relapse could always come at anytime (but so could years of being in the clear) but we choose to focus on the present and the TREMENDOUS blessings and second chances that have been provided for us(we know how much of a MIRACLE that is), God is good all the time, through all things! Thanks for your continued support, we love each and everyone of you. 
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