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Site created on August 3, 2019

About a month ago, Dad agreed to a lung scan since he's been a smoker most of his life.  We were very relieved that the scan showed no signs of cancer, however, it did show some calcium build-up around the heart.  Dad was recommended to a cardiologist.  At his next appointment, dad failed a stress test...in his words..."miserably".  So, it was recommended that he get an angiogram.  Dad was very hopeful that the angiogram would show he needed some stints and he would be on his way.  But the results of the angiogram showed three arteries extremely clogged: 100%, 90%, and 80%.  A triple-bypass was scheduled for July 31--his wedding anniversary... 

Dad was mostly bummed, because he was to fly to Lake Tahoe on August 1 to attend his 50th high school reunion.  He graduated from Heidelberg High School in Germany!  So, this was a big deal.  Travel was not recommended and the women in his life said he better not travel or else...  Intelligently, he chose to listen to the women in his life. ;-)

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Newest Update

Journal entry by Jaimie Kitchen-Caffery

Hey All! I apologize that it’s been awhile. Dad is still doing well. Now that everything is normalizing from the surgery, they are learning of some meds they need to adjust like his blood pressure medicine. While in the hospital, it was very low. They took him off all meds for that and then while at home he was retaining water. Hopefully they have gotten that under control. 

Dad has had a few outings in the last week and we anticipate he will have more especially as the grandkids start school and participate in more events. 

Thank you! 
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