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Journal entry by Gayla Goertz

Hello friends!!!

Dan actually received more positive news from his July 7th visit and just realized I haven’t shared it.  During that visit, he had a bone marrow biopsy and the results came back clear of cancer!  Again, your prayers continue to provide him with so many blessings and we all appreciate them so much! 

Fast forward a month and here we are......at MD Anderson for a 3 day stay (Rotary house connected to the hospital) while he first was tested for Covid 19 yesterday which was negative. He left the room around 12:30 to go have both Colonoscopy & Endoscopy procedures.  Of course, I am not allowed to go into the hospital area so I think when he is ready to go, I'll go down into the parking garage and drive to the front of the hospital to pick him up.  He had restrictions on his food 2 days ago with a clear liquids only yesterday so the first thing we'll do is go get some food!  He's actually said he wants TACO BELL -----lol
Tonight we will be having room service STEAK and SHRIMP (courtesy of my folks ;). 
Tomorrow, he will follow his normal visit which consists of Nurse consultation, blood work, Dr. visit then his Infusion treatment that lasts 4 hours.  
Dan continues to be optimistic that he'll continue to receive positive results.  If results from the Colonoscopy & Endoscopy procedures show he's clear of cancer, he'll be eligible to start phase 2 of the treatment plan in September.  Phase 2 consists of one treatment per month of traditional chemo for 4 months in order to wipe out any lingering cancer that isn’t detectable with any of the current tests.  These treatments will be tougher on his body but he's held up pretty well thus far so we are confident he'll bounce back quickly after each treatment.
Ultimately, it’s possible he'll complete the entire treatment plan by end of this year and will start his first official remission cycle at the beginning of 2021!  The doctors indicate he should expect a 5 – 10 year remission cycle so we can look forward to discontinuing these lovely visits to Houston for a while😊!


As I mentioned above, we can’t thank each of you enough for your prayers and words of encouragement!  he can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Take care and God Bless!

Gayla (& Dan) 

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