Mary Ann D’Eufemia|Nov 9, 2019 (edited)
What a beautiful tribute ❤️
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Mireille Malouf|Nov 9, 2019
What a beautiful tribute! The good deeds continue in memory of those two special souls. Thank you for sharing Jen! ❤️
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Joanne Dognazzi MacDonald|Nov 8, 2019
💕what a wonderful tribute!
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Nanny Hollis|Nov 8, 2019
What a heartfelt tribute to and from two amazing deeply loved and forever missed pure hearts.
Thank you to the Mike Weaver
Foundation for its donation in Daniel's memory and his wish to gift life to others.
Thank you Jen for sharing this memory of Daniel.
Love and peace to all.
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Ellen Stenmon|Nov 8, 2019
Such an amazing and kind tribute to both Mike and Dan. As we hope no AED ever needs to be used, the presence of these life saving devices has and will continue to save lives. Thank you to the Mike Weaver Friends Helping Friends foundation for this amazing donation to a community that meant so much to Dan. 💙
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Stacey Dellagala-Beer|Nov 8, 2019
This is an amazing gift and tribute! I have personally used an AED to save a life where CPR just wasn't going to save this man. While I too hope they don't have to be used, it's reassuring to know they're there for anyone and may give a family more time with a loved one. Thinking of Dan often and keeping you all in my heart.
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Jess Cappa|Nov 8, 2019
This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing! Sending you much love! - Jess
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