Laurie Reynolds|Oct 24, 2019
Your words, your grace and your ability to share Dan and his memory with us are amazing. It’s easy to see why he was the wonderful person he was. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Forever in our hearts with smiles and laughs. Thinking of you all and love re reading your amazing tribute. ❤️
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Leanne Velky|Oct 23, 2019
So so so much love to you guys!! Certainly remembering Danny and all the wonderful attributes that made him who he was (a big part in thanks to your guidance and love as a family). We’re always here if you want or need anything at all.
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Joanne Mainella|Oct 23, 2019
Thank you for this emotional and reflective post. Not sure where you find the courage to honor your son so beautifully, but you are so eloquent for him. I did not know your son, but my son was an Emerson grad in May. Your story resonates. It could be any of us. Thank you for sharing Daniel’s birth story. His is a vibrant soul. His journey continues. I believe he needs to know that you acknowledge his signs and know that he walks beside you, across the “veil” . We are the ones who are limited. Wishing you comfort and peace and strength, as you try to heal your broken hearts and move forward with hope. I am sure that your Daniel would want that. Be well and know that he is with you. Joanne, Dover NH
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Donna Rajcula|Oct 23, 2019
Dear Jen,
Thank you for sharing theses stories of your beautiful son Dan. You are a pillar of grace and strength. Although you may not know me well, know that I am someone you can count on if you need anything. Dan’s memorial card with his smiling face travels with me every day as a reminder to be kind to others just like Dan was. 💙
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Pam Holmes|Oct 23, 2019
Hi Jen. I never had the pleasure of meeting your sweet Daniel, but your description of him and the vivid memories you shared in your “Celebration of Life” talk touched me deeply and will live on in my heart. 💜
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Stacy Martin|Oct 23, 2019
Your Strength and Courage can be heard in your words Jen, there aren’t any words to say to heal the heart but know by spreading amazing stories of your beautiful son shines rays of light each day 🙏
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Betsy Hagerty|Oct 23, 2019
You are my hero, Jen. Your elegance in speaking about Dan and your love of him is amazing. How do you keep it together?
I never knew your son but knew of him through the news and then discovered that my nephew, Evan from BMR, played with Dan in lacrosse. My Evan is also 6'4", thin and shy.
Thank you for filling him out so that we all can feel that we knew this remarkable young man who was taken too soon.
May he always be part of our lives. Peace be with you and your family.
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Kathy Urkevic|Oct 23, 2019
Jen, you are always on my mind! Thank you so much for sharing this message. I was telling Brian about it and know I didn't do it justice. I can't wait to read again and share with friends and family the wonderful message that was put forth. If there is anything you need, I am truly wanting to do anything. xoxo Kathy
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Carla Buscone|Oct 23, 2019
Dan’s smile alone will forever make us all smile when we need one☺️💚
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