Peggy Cooper|Oct 6, 2019
I’m so incredibly sorry Jen. I remember your stories about your beautiful boy and I knew how much he was loved and how loving he was in return. My thoughts and prayers are constantly with you and your family.
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Jill Greenwood|Oct 5, 2019
What an incredible young man to be an organ donor. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends.
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Elizabeth Kuehner|Oct 4, 2019
What a kind and generous young man you and Jay raised in Dan, Jen. That his spirit and physical self will live on are the ultimate gifts. He is an angel on earth and in heaven.
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Carol Boyd|Oct 4, 2019
You are truly amazing people. May you find comfort in knowing that Dan's story has touched so many of us. Dan's story about a happy, kind boy 'who always had a smile on his face' who loved music and lacrosse. I would like to have known him.
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Ross Levens|Oct 4, 2019
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Ted W|Oct 4, 2019
May God bless your family at this most difficult time. My prayers continue to be with you.
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Jack McMahon|Oct 4, 2019
So wonderful. God bless him, and all of the recipients of his precious gifts...
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David Griffin|Oct 4, 2019
I'm sure 3 families are grateful beyond words for this precious gift Dan has given them. A part of him will live on in them for as long as they live. I didn't know Dan, but as part of the Emerson community it makes me proud that such a fine young man chose this school. Dan is a permanent part of the Emerson legacy. We couldn't have been luckier to have him among us.
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Tracey Hayes|Oct 4, 2019
That's so great! I know three donor recipients and it has completely saved their lives. They got to meet their donor families and it was a very special moment that they will never forget. Dan was such an amazing guy! Making such a big difference.
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Mireille Malouf|Oct 4, 2019
Dan, you are still making a difference to this world! You are a blessing . I love you Dan. Merci ! ❤️
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