Journal entry by Jen Kelly

It is with the heaviest of hearts that Jay, Kate, and I share our latest update.  

When Dan first arrived at the hospital on Saturday morning he was unresponsive, because he was young and healthy the medical team decided to perform emergency surgery.  If it had been an older patient, they would not have even attempted the surgery.

He made it through the first surgery, but we were warned the next 72-hours would be critical as they learned more about how much damage was done.  This morning we met with Dan’s medical team and the latest scans show extensive and irrepairable damage to large sections of his brain. Due to the damage to his brain stem, he will not regain consciousness.  Additionally, there is damage to areas of the brain that control body functions such as breathing and his heart. He will not be able to sustain life, even with the aid of life support systems.  

The medical team will continue to keep him comfortable and pain-free while we wait for family to arrive.  Please continue to keep Dan in your thoughts and prayers. We ask that you focus on the positive: his infectious smile, his goofy sense of humor, his love for music, hockey, lacrosse and most importantly his love for his friends and family.  The positive energy is making it to him and surrounding him with love while he is still with us.

We will continue to update this website as Dan’s journey nears its end.  Please keep our family in your hearts during this difficult time.

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