Journal entry by Jen Kelly

On Sunday we were able to spend the majority of the day with Dan in his room.  We played the video messages from his friends, his favorite playlists, and shared story after story.  In my heart, I know he feels the love being sent from all of you, so please keep it coming.

The ICU staff loves his playlists.  They are all identifying their favorite songs and we often hear what great taste in music he has.  There's a little something for everyone's taste.  One of Dan's favorite classes at Emerson was his History of American Music.  He absolutely loved his professor and would practically repeat her lectures to me on the phone when we would chat.  There are quite a few songs on his playlist (New Edition, Alicia Keyes) thanks to her.  

Kate and I slept at a local hotel last night while Jay spent the night at the hospital.  He was able to talk to Dan all night long.  Today, thanks to the incredible kindness of the Sether family, we will have access to a nearby apartment.  While it is difficult to be away for even a few minutes, after having been able to sleep in a bed for a few hours completely restored my own energy levels.  

We will be meeting with his medical team later this afternoon to discuss Dan's treatment plan and review his progress.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  
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