Journal entry by Jen Kelly

We have been here for 24 hours.  Last night Dan went for an MRI and we met with the head of the Neuro ICU this morning.  We didn't have any setbacks last night and all of his levels have been stable.  The extent of the damage is not yet clear, so keep that positive energy coming.  We love seeing all the happy pics of Dan on social media.  We've been reading all of your comments to him and telling him about the pictures.

Additionally, many of you know Dan loves music.  He doesn't play or sing (or at least not well) but he has a deep appreciation for a wide variety of music.  We've been playing him his favorite songs and are so grateful to those that have shared playlists of his favorite music for us. The nursing staff thinks we're slightly insane, but they're sharing their go-to karaoke favorites too!  Keep playing his songs, sharing his stories, and sending that love to him!
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