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Hello dear friends,

On October 22, 2012 I found several hard, enlarged lymph nodes along my collarbone. It was clear that this wasn't right. We immediately began all kinds of tests and soon discovered cancer in several locations and the diagnosis of stage IV lung cancer with a bleak prognosis.  Please pray daily for life, healing and for strength for the battle for our six precious children, families and many loved ones. We have a compassionate, merciful God and this has not escaped His notice. Let's appeal to Him for a miracle. Thank you, dear friends.

Dan, Heather and family

Newest Update

Journal entry by Heather Erickson

Dear Family and Friends,

We wish you a happy 4th of July.

Unfortunately, we also have less than happy news to share. Dan had a scan on Monday. It was his first scan since his visit to Mayo 2 months ago. During that time, he has not been on any treatment. We hoped for better, but the cancer has been very busy growing again.

There really wasn’t any good news at all in the results. Along with an increase in the number and size of the nodules and enlarged lymph nodes, there is also lymphangitic spread which in the past has caused Dan such trouble breathing. He also has pericardial and bilateral plural effusions. That means he has excess fluid building up in his lungs and around his heart.

The U of M is sending the results to the Mayo. The holiday will slow it down a bit, but hopefully by Friday we should hear back from them. We will also see Dan’s oncologist at the U of M that day.

Until then we don’t really know what happens (and when it happens) next. We are feeling some discouragement. Dan was just starting to feel better after what the chemo did to him. We had a wonderful week with family at the cabin. We really wanted more time of life that was more normal.

Please pray for:

Him to continue to feel better, despite what the recent scan says.

The effusions to resolve.

That the next scan is more encouraging.

His doctors at Mayo to present the best options for Dan’s treatment.

Wisdom to make the right decisions about his future treatment plan.

Time. More good time.

Thank you so much for your prayers. We appreciate them more than words can ever express.

Dan, Heather, Summer, Sam, and Emily
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DENISE WALKER | Jul 17, 2017
Dan and Heather, thank you for sharing this update. It is not the news we wanted, but we have hope because Jesus lives, Amen! I am praying in agreement for all your requests and then some! God is not finished and with long life He shall satisfy you. Love you two so very much!!! 
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