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Site created on October 29, 2012

Hello dear friends,

On October 22, 2012 I found several hard, enlarged lymph nodes along my collarbone. It was clear that this wasn't right. We immediately began all kinds of tests and soon discovered cancer in several locations and the diagnosis of stage IV lung cancer with a bleak prognosis.  Please pray daily for life, healing and for strength for the battle for our six precious children, families and many loved ones. We have a compassionate, merciful God and this has not escaped His notice. Let's appeal to Him for a miracle. Thank you, dear friends.

Dan, Heather and family

Newest Update

Journal entry by Heather Erickson

Dear Family and Friends,

It's been strange, not writing on the Caring Bridge this past couple of weeks. I wanted to share a few thoughts with you. First, Thank you. I can't express how wonderful it was to see so many of you at Dan's funeral. It was a truly special day. I only wish that I could have had more time so that I could have talked to everyone. As I have been going through the guest book, my heart has been so warmed by the names I see there. It's hard to describe how much it means to know that you came to be with our family during the most difficult time we will ever experience.

These early days without Dan have been filled with every emotion. I find that I want to talk about Dan all of the time. Our kids are each learning how to cope in their own ways and each at their own pace. We have greatly appreciated your prayers for our family these last, near 7 years. Please continue to carry us to the Lord in your prayers. 

Life, for better or worse, doesn’t slow down for our grieving. Our oldest daughter, Emily, is moving with her family from California to Pennsylvania. Summer and Sam are finishing up their final exams, Summer at St. Thomas, and Sam at Anoka Ramsey. Josiah and Eli have full time jobs that they must attend to in the midst of loss. Youngest daughter Emily will never have what her siblings had, driving lessons from Dad, graduation with him smiling proudly, advice on relationships. These are things that we all take for granted.

As for me, I am trying to wade through these days withought my best friend and confidante at my side. Our car broke down one time too many, so I am now car shopping with our Sammy who, thanks to her mechanical know-how, at the age of 17, Dan dubbed her the man of the house in the days before he died.

After much prayer and thought, I’ve decided to continue selling Real Estate. So, if you or someone you know wants to buy or sell, give me a call. 

Finally, if you haven’t yet sent your memories of Dan, take a few minutes to share one or two. We have really enjoyed reading these stories. We actually set up an email address, just for this purpose: DanEricksonMemories@gmail.com.

Bless you and your family.

612-850-0599 (cell)
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