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Hello dear friends,

On October 22, 2012 I found several hard, enlarged lymph nodes along my collarbone. It was clear that this wasn't right. We immediately began all kinds of tests and soon discovered cancer in several locations and the diagnosis of stage IV lung cancer with a bleak prognosis.  Please pray daily for life, healing and for strength for the battle for our six precious children, families and many loved ones. We have a compassionate, merciful God and this has not escaped His notice. Let's appeal to Him for a miracle. Thank you, dear friends.

Dan, Heather and family

Newest Update

Journal entry by Heather Erickson

We just got done with another long day at the Mayo Clinic. It ended on a high note. Both Dan’s brain MRI and his chest CT scan looked great. There is still cancer visible in his lungs but it is stable. Nothing new is in his brain. The areas they radiated have shrunk.

The doctors are very surprised by the fact that the Tagrisso is working, since he has the mutation that makes him resistant to the Tagrisso. But, the scans don’t lie, so they said if it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it. He will stay on the Tagrisso and return for repeat scans in December. If symptoms resume before that time we can call and get him in earlier.

We are so thankful for this report and for your prayers.

Bless you!

Dan and Heather Erickson
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