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Hello dear friends,

On October 22, 2012 I found several hard, enlarged lymph nodes along my collarbone. It was clear that this wasn't right. We immediately began all kinds of tests and soon discovered cancer in several locations and the diagnosis of stage IV lung cancer with a bleak prognosis.  Please pray daily for life, healing and for strength for the battle for our six precious children, families and many loved ones. We have a compassionate, merciful God and this has not escaped His notice. Let's appeal to Him for a miracle. Thank you, dear friends.

Dan, Heather and family

Newest Update

Journal entry by Heather Erickson

Dear Family and Friends,

It was a long day at the Mayo Clinic. Dan’s first appointment was at 10 AM. The Mayo Clinic had been waiting for the University of Minnesota to send them the records on the Gamma Knife procedure Dan underwent 3 years ago. Those records didn’t arrive until this morning. These records are essential because
it’s difficult to differentiate a previously radiated met from one that needs to be zapped. It’s important that they know what is old and what is new, because it’s not a good idea to radiate the same area of the brain multiple times (especially if it’s not necessary)
After 2 days of planning out the SRT procedure, the specialists at the Mayo learned that one of the spots they were planning to radiate was the same spot left over from the Gamma Knife procedure 3 years ago. They also found 3 more spots that they felt were new mets. This change of plans meant a major postponement of the SRT procedure today. For several hours doctors and radiologists checked and rechecked the new plan.
Finally, after the waiting room had long emptied, they called him back. The procedure went well. And at the end, Dan got to ring the bell of hope, because he completed his radiation treatment.
We won’t know the final outcome until Dan returns to the Mayo in mid October for a new MRI and CT. In the meantime, Dan will continue on the Tagrisso and hopefully, if his MRI looks good, he will be accepted into a trial.
We will arrive home tonight in time for bed. We are so grateful for your continued prayers and encouragement.

God bless you!
Dan and Heather
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Jerry Prunty | Sep 11, 2018
Oh how our hearts ache for you and your family. No words on my part are adequate to say except to express we continue to pray like so many others. Heather a special thanks to you for the grace God has given you to write and express these difficult updates. Love you guys.
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DENISE WALKER | Jul 17, 2017
Dan and Heather, thank you for sharing this update. It is not the news we wanted, but we have hope because Jesus lives, Amen! I am praying in agreement for all your requests and then some! God is not finished and with long life He shall satisfy you. Love you two so very much!!! 
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