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May 24-30

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Hello my beloved followers,

So, I was waiting till the month was over to post. We made it. Most but not all.  Now its April fools, yet this worldwide virus is no joke. All my neuro issues are small compared to these acute crisisis.Lets continue to do our part in this almost world war 3 pandemic against COVID19 lung eating vurus.


Its difficult when to write how I feeling when so many people in survival mode of unknown. This situation definitely enhahces that for me, though I am used to keeping myself entertained and relaxed. I am extremly thankful for my breath, my friends who keep virtually connected, audio apps, and my cuddly friends who allow me to type.


I am touched frequently for daily care all of us  are all doing our part to stay safe. My family knows if I get sick there is no way I am going to the hospital. 🙏 ❤📘 I am on a mission to have my book published on Amazon by my Amaraversary June 1st. Virtual music therapy ikeeps me beating strong as I write and drum to new worldy love songs. 


My mom is stressed because nursing is less, currently, I just have one nurse coming(less exposure).😷 Robert is going a bit stir crazy as a very social young man, now without work.😆 He is doing his part to help out and finnally taking this seriously. Lawrence will not be seeing us for a while.  😭My dad was on self quarentine in Staten Island, possibly having virus. Thankfully, he is feeling better and going to work tommorow at the hospital. 🏥


We are all A okay. 👌Prayers to the 🌎 struggling through this difficult time. It's April national poetry and humor month, laughing and expressing emotions through words otherwise we struggle. I been working on this update for a couple weeks, probably won't update for a while as this happening. I need focus on communicatimg with my loves and finishing the book. 😍


D.A.N.C.E ✌❤

Chronically Amara( picture from two years ago but thought it fit well for today)

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