Journal entry by Amara Riccio

Wabi sabi is a new word I learned through daily meditation; Japanese philosophy meaning to embrace imperfection and impermanence of life. It reminds me of a poem I wrote in 3rd grade.."I see beauty in every person, place and thing."

Presently, my perspective sight is narrow. My mind is open wide wide with colorful imagery. The neuro opthomalogist confirm several motor and nerve issues of my eyes. I knew surgery wouldn't be recommended because of my systematic CNS involvement. We try because maybe...hope. I do need to see a neurologist because I need prescription refills and all neurologists dismissed me. Psuedobulbar syndrome going crazy 😰

I am writing this fully supported with atleast 7 pillows in dark room sitting up slouch im  hospital bed. My giant teddy bear is covering left eye and I can see dark phone facing downwards.So, as you know basically live in bed. If you told me that a year or two years ago I would have cried immensely. I miss being out in the community. When I do go in my wheelchair I feel like a different person-extremely uncomfortable,uncontrolled, immobilized, unable to communicate and appreciate.

Mindfulness through calm app has kept me grateful and breathing through this funky flow. I love doing art and music with my therapists. I been dancing with my friends and its amazing. My home OT will help with my positioning issues in bed and chair. My cousin Jessica and I are serious about finishing our book. I want to be productive and make difference as much as possible.


The idea of a purrfect wabi sabi life was shown in my 3-legged Bengal cat beautiful Baboo. After fourteen and a half years he took his last breaths peacefully at home, a couple weeks ago. Until the very end he communicated and made effort to show self, neighborhood, family and I love.  He is forever my Valentine ❤❤❤

Emotionally, it's overwhelming to hear and read about tradegies and death happening constantly. I know i just need to breathe and pray God will show all those suffering beautiful love.

Wabisabi my  loves🌺

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