Thoughts & Well Wishes

Angelica Pinna-Perez | Mar 19, 2019
thinking of you always. you are missed and we are hopeful that you will be strong enough to participate in our program in the future. Let me know if and when you are ready or want to come back. But I am sure no matter what you do, it will be what is best for you and your family. bug hug!
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ARTHUR ZELTSER | Mar 24, 2018

Hi Amara,

This is Arthur, if you recall we met back in February on the same floor floor of the SUNY Downstate Medical Center. We spoke of the arts for a short period of time until my father and I had to leave your lovely, diverse room (it sure seemed more euphoric than my room with all those colors). We have spoken just a few hours prior to my discharge, that is why I did not have a chance to bid you goodbye.

Last Tuesday I spoke to your good-hearted father during my treatment session and he provided me with your information on this site. Since the last time I saw you I recalled how lucky you are to maintain such a spirit of optimism. You indeed can teach many individuals to stay strong, including myself. Your documented life journey has indeed inspired me. I am delighted to know that at least you get to spend time at home with your family. Arguably the greatest gift of all is to be alive, especially when one maintains the most paramount support system of all - family. I am certain that both of us are grateful to maintain those bounds.

So you dance? How delightful. In my high school years I took ballroom dancing lessons in waltz and tango. I still maintain those skills and am currently reviewing Baroque dance because I am enamored with the Baroque period itself. Please continue to keep the community updated on your journey. We are excited to see where you shall proceed following your discharge. For now, keep up the optimism, time will fly by with a smile! Hope to hear from you soon.


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