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January 16, 2020

In just a couple short weeks after being released from the ICU, Damian is well on his way to recovery. Last Thursday in his first check up appointment, they removed the wires from his jaw and replaced them with bands to allow some movement and he was released to return to work again. Today in his latest follow up appointment, they removed the bands altogether! They will leave the braces on for another three weeks just in case they have to use bands again. Most of the facial swelling is gone and his right eye is beginning to look white again! He will have some follow up appointments in the coming weeks with oral surgery so they can get his pearly whites fully realigned. He's been back to work for about a week now, but says he gets worn out a lot easier than before. He's glad to be back to doing normal activities, but we are thankful he knows when to say enough and get some rest so his body can continue to heal. Just a few short weeks ago we would have never guessed that the healing process would progress like it has. We were thinking months and months of recovery, not just a couple of weeks. Thank you everyone for your prayers, thoughts, and well wishes throughout this process. You are all greatly appreciated!

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