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I'm really just here so I can find people to confide in.and whats up I haven't some this in like a year I'm venting some things are on my mind. just stick around I'm a very intelligent African American that has a lot on his mind its 2018 stick around you might hate. love or think my stories are nothing but entertainment but bare with me lets get ready for the ride.

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my first entry is that I have to address this. why is that most talented parts of us want to be left alone i mean I agree your gift is your gift. but I'm not talking about people that have a gift and don't want to share no I'm talking about people who continuously attack the ones that would much rather be alone they have a beautiful message don't get me wrong but just because they have social anxiety/awkward doesn't mean we automatically have to assume they think their better than us no that's bigoted and stupid they deserve love and compassion too just from afar. so don't assume just respect them because more than likely their better when you get to know them.
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