Journal entry by Stacy Coiner

Couldn’t be more pleased with the care Daddy has received at the Mercy Rehabilitation Facility. He is doing amazing and is very excited to be getting to go home tomorrow! Mom can’t wait to get home so she can learn to purée Daddy’s meals (lol) Hopefully, this is temporary...he will continue to strengthen those muscles in his throat and will get to eat a “normal” meal eventually.

Tomorrow will be 21 days since this nightmare/miracle began. TWENTY ONE DAYS!!! Mom, Daddy and I have talked a lot about God during this past 21 days. There is no time to be bitter about what has happened in the past...there is only time to rejoice in God’s grace. I am thankful to have my Daddy back and trust me folks he is nothing short of a miracle. Now, let me give some praise to my mom. She has not slept in a comfortable bed in 21 days and she has been so strong through this journey with Daddy. She is my mom, my friend and she is my hero.

Thank you all for your prayers. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that those prayers were heard and answered!

Please continue to pray for healing and strength for both Mom and Daddy. They still have a long road ahead of them. As Daddy says “he has people to see and a wedding to go to in August.”

I have put my parents in their car and sent them back to West Plains many times after surgeries. I have never felt good about doing that. I worried about them every time. I am sure I will have that feeling tomorrow a little bit but, I have a good feeling about Daddy’s recovery. He has a sparkle in his eye that I haven’t seen in a very long time. With that sparkle back and his determination...I know everything is gonna be alright💜🦋🌈🙌🏻
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