Journal entry by Stacy Coiner

Couldn’t be more pleased with the care Daddy has received at the Mercy Rehabilitation Facility. He is doing amazing and is very excited to be getting to go home tomorrow! Mom can’t wait to get home so she can learn to purée Daddy’s meals (lol) Hopefully, this is temporary...he will continue to strengthen those muscles in his throat and will get to eat a “normal” meal eventually.

Tomorrow will be 21 days since this nightmare/miracle began. TWENTY ONE DAYS!!! Mom, Daddy and I have talked a lot about God during this past 21 days. There is no time to be bitter about what has happened in the past...there is only time to rejoice in God’s grace. I am thankful to have my Daddy back and trust me folks he is nothing short of a miracle. Now, let me give some praise to my mom. She has not slept in a comfortable bed in 21 days and she has been so strong through this journey with Daddy. She is my mom, my friend and she is my hero.

Thank you all for your prayers. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that those prayers were heard and answered!

Please continue to pray for healing and strength for both Mom and Daddy. They still have a long road ahead of them. As Daddy says “he has people to see and a wedding to go to in August.”

I have put my parents in their car and sent them back to West Plains many times after surgeries. I have never felt good about doing that. I worried about them every time. I am sure I will have that feeling tomorrow a little bit but, I have a good feeling about Daddy’s recovery. He has a sparkle in his eye that I haven’t seen in a very long time. With that sparkle back and his determination...I know everything is gonna be alright💜🦋🌈🙌🏻
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Journal entry by Stacy Coiner

He is out of the hospital and at rehab ... and determined to get home soon! We took a little stroll outside in the wheelchair before the storm came. Hopefully, Daddy can finally get some much needed sleep tonight because he has a busy day tomorrow...working on getting healthy and home ❤️

Journal entry by Stacy Coiner

Good news! Daddy is headed to Mercy’s Rehab facility tomorrow...he is doing too good to keep in the hospital now but, needs a little extra help to regain his strength. Hopefully, I wake up feeling much better and get to see Mom and Daddy tomorrow. My great kids have been helping out and have been with them when they could - that makes me feel better. Judy (Jeff’s Mom) got Mom out of the hospital and took her to lunch today. Thankful for all of them. Daddy said he feels so much better - he has some aches but, no real pain and guess what...he is not on any pain medication. God is so, so good 😊

Journal entry by Stacy Coiner

Sorry, I haven’t updated in awhile. Night before last, I started not feeling good. Went to urgent care yesterday and I am banned from the hospital for three days. You can only imagine how hard this is. Mom is such a trooper and has been on Daddy duty by herself since then. Thankfully, we are in Springfield and my kids and Jeff are able to help her out. Daddy is eating much better and he is walking more and more. Sleep still remains an issue but, we know that will get better soon! Daddy is such a determined man that I know he is going to continue to battle back from this. Please send prayers for all of us 🙏🏻

Journal entry by Stacy Coiner

Daddy was awake all night. Good news this morning...about 7:00am he fell asleep and is still resting peacefully!!! Praying that we have turned the corner on sleep. Next corner is getting him to eat more today. Hopefully, with some good rest he will feel more like eating. Mom and I will be getting out today to go to a bridal shower for Cassidy. We are both looking forward to celebrating Cass today. Jeff is going to come stay with Daddy...I’m sure Daddy will enjoy the boy time. He is probably getting tired of Mom and I. Although, you would never know it. He has been the best patient. Especially, considering he has to be tired and hungry. Not one complaint. Thankful for Daddy and Jeff’s relationship.

Journal entry by Stacy Coiner

Daddy has a temperature tonight. Still has pneumonia and swallowing issues. He was been diagnosed with Dysphagia I - which means the flap that prevents food and liquids from entering the lungs is not working correctly. He has been placed on a level one diet - pureed foods and liquids that are thickened with a thickening agent - to eat he has to do several things to help the food go down the correct place. He still has not slept :( He only had a few bites of food and very little liquid today. This is scary since he is no longer getting IV fluids. Hoping he can rest tonight and that tomorrow is a better day.

Journal entry by Stacy Coiner

Still no sleep...he had the swallow test this morning. We are waiting on results. Still no food :( Right now he just aches all over. His poor body has gone through so much over the past week. It is hard for him to understand just how much and honestly, it’s probably best that he doesn’t . Keep the prayers coming! We are telling Daddy about all of the love, prayers and support he is getting ❤️🦋

Journal entry by Stacy Coiner

They tried to take Daddy off the ventilator this morning and he was not ready. Going to let him rest more and try again tomorrow. Still running more tests. Mom and I got a good nights rest last night and feel like new people today. We are thankful to be in Springfield. The care he is getting let’s us rest physically and mentally. Not to mention, having my kids and Jeff here and close by helps us all. Thank you all for your continued prayers.
Dale’s Story

Site created on June 5, 2018

I have used this site to keep up with family members and friends roads to recovery and it was very helpful.  It is heartwarming to know how many wonderful caring people are in our lives and we appreciate each and every one of you. Now, to tell this amazing man’s story....where do I begin.  I thought that Daddy had been through it all (and enough).  Over the past 30 + years he has had 5 back surgeries, hip replacement, 2 carpel tunnel surgeries. many injections for pain....and much more.  This...however, has been the hardest.  I really can’t believe we are the one’s creating this site to help everyone keep up with my Daddy’s road to recovery.  

Recently, he has been losing strength in his legs and as he described it...has been getting “wobbly “.   His pain was increasing so his doctor referred him to the Mayo Clinic.  They did not accept him at the spine center there...long story short he continued to get worst.  Doctor still wanted him to go to Mayo to Neurology...we didn’t feel like he could make the trip to Mayo.  The  decision was made that a care team closer to home would be best.  So the process to refer him to Barnes began.  

Saturday afternoon Daddy fell twice - resulting in an ambulance ride to OMC in West Plains.  They admitted him and were trying to figure out what was causing his recent confusion and  “ wobbliness”.  During his stay there he developed pneumonia, decreased strength, increased pain and more confusion.  After three days there we decided he needed more care than OMC was providing and requested that they send him to Springfield- they did and here we are in ICU at Mercy.  (There is a lot to that part of the story that God gave us strength to get through).  The important thing is that we are here and Daddy is getting great medical care.  We feel such relief knowing that he is able to rest and begin his healing process.  

Currently, he is on a ventilator and is sedated.  They are trying to give him a chance to rest his body and mind.  While he is resting they have been running many tests to determine exactly what is going on and the best treatment to provide.