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48 Tribute Donations

Gifted by AM Sheridan, M Watson

“Wishing the pleasures of childhood return to a boy who is as brave as any of us can hope to be.”

Gifted by Mary Albert, mpls. mn

“You go young man!! I am cheering for you and your wonderful family.”

Gifted by PCOM Pediatrics Club

“In honor of Candon Westervelt, an inspiration to our campus. We have learned the strength of a community and the resilience of one amazingly brave boy”
Mrs. Carol Barnes

Gifted by Mrs. Carol Barnes

“In honor of Candon Westervelt and his family. Following Candon's amazing progress has been a joy. Praying for Candon and his family”

Gifted by Gutierrez Family

“In honor of Candon Westervelt”
John Hulslander

Gifted by John Hulslander

“In honor of Candon Westervelt God Bless Candon and see him through to a complete recovery.”

Gifted by Judy and Larry Marsh

“In honor of Candon Westervelt”

Gifted by The Pritchard Family

“In honor of Candon Westervelt. Continuing our thoughts and prayers to you and your family.”

Gifted by I don't know you but we are ALL connected....

“In honor of Candon Westervelt”
Renie & Family

Gifted by Renie & Family

“In honor of Candon Westervelt”

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