Honor Candon

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“Wishing the pleasures of childhood return to a boy who is as brave as any of us can hope to be.”

— AM Sheridan, M Watson

“You go young man!! I am cheering for you and your wonderful family.”

— Mary Albert, mpls. mn

“In honor of Candon Westervelt, an inspiration to our campus. We have learned the strength of a community and the resilience of one amazingly brave boy”

— PCOM Pediatrics Club

“In honor of Candon Westervelt and his family. Following Candon's amazing progress has been a joy. Praying for Candon and his family”

— Mrs. Carol Barnes

“In honor of Candon Westervelt”

— Gutierrez Family

“In honor of Candon Westervelt God Bless Candon and see him through to a complete recovery.”

— John Hulslander

“In honor of Candon Westervelt”

— Judy and Larry Marsh

“In honor of Candon Westervelt. Continuing our thoughts and prayers to you and your family.”

— The Pritchard Family

“In honor of Candon Westervelt”

— I don't know you but we are ALL connected....

“In honor of Candon Westervelt”

— Renie & Family