Honor Curtis

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Gifted by OneNet Account Management / Operations

“In honor of Curtis McIntyre from Chris' friends at OneNet PPO. Traci, Laurie, Scott, Sandi, Aaron, Margaret, Janice and Lisa.”

Gifted by Ravi Rangasami

“In honor of Curtis McIntyre”

Gifted by Karka, Ravi, Kalyan and Divina

“In honor of Curtis McIntyre, Chris please accept the condolences of your team members here in Cypress CA. You are in our thoughts and prayers.”

Gifted by Karl Kramer and family

“In honor of Curtis McIntyre - Taken from your loved ones way too soon.”

Gifted by Caroline Schweitzer

“In honor of Curtis McIntyre, a truly amazing person who was taken far too soon.”
Sarah Smith

Gifted by Sarah Smith

“In honor of brotha Curtis McIntyre...the coolest kid i know!! keep your spirits high! we are always thinking of you :)”
Doris Wohlfort

Gifted by Doris Wohlfort

“In honor of Curtis McIntyre”

Gifted by Peg and Olivia Partlow

“Curtis & Family ~ You are in our everday prayers and visualizations :) Love the beard and the beautiful family pic !! God Bless:)”

Gifted by Jaclyn Portnoy

“In honor of Curtis McIntyre: Curtis: Keep your skates sharpened and your eyes on the puck. SCORE. My thoughts are with you”
Kathy ynson

Gifted by Kathy ynson

“This is your biggest game yet and as goalie you're going to win!”