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Gary & Crystal Davis, their 5 year old Carly, and 3 year old, Rylan have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of there identical twin boys.  They made there appearance at Newton Medical Center Friday around noon, with a normal birth.  Everything really went quite smoothly.  Kylan Lee was the first to arrive at 6 lbs 11oz.  Thirty minutes later little Kyler Lynn joined the world at 6lbs. 7 oz. They were born at 36 weeks.  The boys were both in Nicu as they weren't quite ready to breathe room air. Kyler eventually got out of Nicu and was in a regular room.  We think Kylan is out now,  they said he was just about 8 - 10 hours behind Kyler.  I believe it was a little later that day Crystal said she had high blood pressure and a low pulse.  They didn't find anything abnormal, though they were a little baffled. We asked her about it the next morning and she really didnt know, and then we didn't hear more about it.  She was dismissed from the hospital Sunday and though about going home for night, but decided to stay and room in at the hospital.  That was surely God's providence, as a nurse was in the room with her when she went into cardiac arrest.  So, as you see it came out of the clear blue, though we had been a little puzzled shortly after the birth.  Gary had went home Sunday evening and spent the night with the other children.  He got the call from the hospital in the morning and they said she went into cardiac arrest, but she was still with us.  Gary headed in and prayers were quickly sent winging upward.  Frantic pleas to save her.  They first thought it must be blood clots in her lungs or something, but when they transferred her to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita and did a CAT scan they found nothing wrong, & diagnosed her with her peripartum cardiomyopathy.  The way it was explained to Gary is that the strain on her heart pumping all that blood to the babies and dealing with the extra fluid had enlarged and weakened it.  Now, trying to get used to the new normal it just stopped this morning.  Later in the day they inserted an impella pump to help her heart and she seemed to do better on that for awhile. We soon heard that her heart was still not doing what it should and they were waiting for a bed to open up in Oklahoma City where they dealt more with Ecmo (see photo for explanation)  Then they decided to put in the Ecmo and transfer her to Kansas City as soon as she is stable.  At Kansas City they have more expertise at dealing with heart failure and transplant, though they still hope her own heart will recover. Hopefully this gets everyone current.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Crystal Davis

Here it is well into August! July came and went already. July was filled with tragedies… several young people lost their lives… and somehow God has spared ours and we had a happy ending to our nightmare but many around us are not so blessed… we feel unworthy… have you ever heard of survivor’s guilt?... the misfortunes of those around us have continued on into August. So much sadness in this old world…

Rylan turned 4 in July. My little blonde haired sweetheart. I remember the first weeks home from the hospital how he would not come sit with me and he was just so reserved. It was extremely painful for my leg to hold him on my lap so I rarely did but how it grieved me! Well, he is no longer reserved. He often clambers up on my lap or beside me and sometimes even gives me a big hug. Sometimes he even asks to be held. And it makes my heart so happy! Also Carly has just recently learned to ride her bike without training wheels and she’s so thrilled! I mention these little milestones because I often feel so thankful to be here to celebrate them too and I treasure them more!

Several months ago, it seemed I had a bit of a cloud over me. I felt so unfulfilled and so restless. It’s kinda hard to describe what I felt. I’m sure it was a mixture of the results of the trauma of my medical crisis and all the turmoil caused by covid and just a little of everything but I feel like a lot of that has left me. I still have days that the feeling comes but it’s getting less. Not that I wasn’t thankful for all my blessings at that time but just kinda felt like something was missing and I needed something more. Sometimes I feel like I need closure with everything that has happened but I don’t know in what way that would be. Gary told me a couple weeks ago that other people have things in their life that they don’t always have closure for and life just has to go on without closure. Sometimes it feels like it’s bad timing for covid to come along so soon after my hospital stay but it would have been 20 times worse if my health crisis would have happened during covid!!! Definitely timing could have been so much worse! It still makes me panic to think of Gary not being able to be there with me. We aren’t even sure if I would have survived if it would have happened just a couple of months later… there’s always something to be thankful for!

Mom and dad don’t come every day anymore. They haven’t been coming every day for a while now. Mom does help out whenever I ask her to though which still is a fair amount.

I still have the left leg pain especially around the knee. Some days it is more sensitive than others. The children have become quite used to me squalling whenever they bounce around on it. I still have the hematoma but it’s quite small and still have the bruising. Maybe I’ll have the bruising for life. 🤷🏻‍♀‍

The 18th of this month I have an appointment with Dr Sauer from KU in Wichita. We’ll see if I can get a few more answers for some of my questions.

The Twins aren’t crawling yet but they get up on their hands and knees and kind of rock a little bit like they're getting ready to rocket off. They are nearly 8 months old! How can it be?!?! They are very busy and always looking for things to get into. Kyler is always looking for a party. We say that Kyler is going to be more like Carly and Kylan and will be more like Rylan in personality. They’re really into babbling and jabbering away and they have discovered each other! Sometimes they just laugh at each other and find each other quite humorous. It’s fun watching them interact. I’m afraid to leave them alone together for very long unsupervised as I’m afraid they’ll poke the other ones eyes out or something crazy like that. They adore Carly and Rylan but Carly and Rylan aren’t quite as intrigued with them.

I’m not dealing with nightmares so much now but it does happen that if Gary tells me goodbye before he goes to work and he wakes me up that I sometimes wake up in a total panic wondering what’s wrong and what’s going on. He says I never did this before the hospital stay. So it’s a little crazy what can happen to the mind after an event like that. I know often I wake up and I’m so disoriented and I think I’m somewhere else and it takes a bit to figure out that I’m at home. I remember waking up one time in the hospital, tied to the bed rails and had the vent in so I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t move and neither could I talk. And nobody was there. So there was no help and no way to ask or get help. I begged God over and over to just get me out of that terrible situation. Words can’t explain the terror… could this be partly why I wake up in a panic? I remember complaining later to one of the doctors as to why in the world did they ever let me wake up like that?! They had some reason of they needed to see if and how much I would wake up, like it was some sort of a test. 🤷🏻‍♀‍anyways, here I am, August 2020, it’s a terribly hot day, my health has been restored back to baseline, I’m basking in the love of my family and life goes on… and it’s good!

Until next time… 
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