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Journal entry by Erin O'Brien

Coy has been making some great improvements recently.  After having a setback last week with the seizure he has done a great job recovering. After having the seizure his medical team determined that he also had an infection.  They were unable to determine the source of the infection but he responded well to antibiotics and after a few days of rest and recovery he was much better.  In the past few days Coy has been moving his left arm a lot which previously had almost no movement.  He was able to hold the phone with his left hand to video chat with me on Monday.  He has continued making more precise moves with both arms.  On Monday Kelly left him for a short time to get dinner and he pulled his PEG tube out.  With his increased activity Kelly has to keep an eye on him constantly.  He was taken to another hospital the next day to have the PEG tube replaced.  He has been reaching for his trach with both his right and left hands.  His trach has remained capped allowing him to make sounds and on Monday during our video chat he started making noises that sounded like words.  We were unable to make out any f the words at that time.  Later that day he was trying to speak again and as Kelly leaned in to hear him better he said "Love you" and kissed her on the cheek! We couldn't believe it!!!! Today Kelly said he has been continuing to try to speak and while being moved by the hospital staff he was agitated and Kelly heard him say "Shit".  She asked him "did you just say shit?" and he responded "Yeah".(That's our Coy!)  During therapy the PT asked him "Is your name Coy?" and he nodded his head in response.  We are so excited at this progress and that he is starting to speak.  He says a lot that we cannot make out yet but we are just thrilled that he is trying.
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