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November 8, 2020 - Moving right along

Cory had a really positive appointment with OT and ENT specialists this past week. The OT had him work through a series of exercises to assess his healing progress. Cory is now approved for return to light-duty work in a few weeks. Cory also passed a really cool driving simulation test. Cory has enough peripheral vision in his left eye to legally drive. Cory also had a follow-up appointment with the ENT specialist. The Dr. said that Cory may need some eardrum repair in the future but for now his hearing is A+ and all clear. 

There are so many things and people to pray for these days. We are continually humbled by those who still reach out - just to see how Cory is doing and for those who continue to pray for Cory's full recovery. 

St. John Licci and all of the Saints in heaven, we pray for your continued intercession.                           

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  • Julie Richardson : This is good news. Cory, you have made such great strides in your recovery! You are a fighter. Continued love and prayers for you from us.
  • Susanne Miller : Such wonderful progress and news!! We continue to hold up Cory and your entire family in prayer. Sending big hugs. xo ~ susanne, tom, ryan and michael
  • Katie Bruggeman : Such great news!! We are so happy for Cory and your family!
  • Rosanne Petersen : Excellent news, especially about his hearing! And getting back to work is key. Yay Cory!
  • Tina Buss : This is so encouraging and answer to prayers. Go Cory!
  • jennie carlson : Great news! So glad to see Cory on the road to recovery. Keep working hard Cory. You got this!!! Continued prayers for you.
  • duane hendricks : This is great news and it is so good to hear he is recovering well! Continued prayers!
  • Steve Claypatch : congratulations on your continuing recovery. Wishing you the very best.