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November 8, 2020 - Moving right along

Cory had a really positive appointment with OT and ENT specialists this past week. The OT had him work through a series of exercises to assess his healing progress. Cory is now approved for return to light-duty work in a few weeks. Cory also passed a really cool driving simulation test. Cory has enough peripheral vision in his left eye to legally drive. Cory also had a follow-up appointment with the ENT specialist. The Dr. said that Cory may need some eardrum repair in the future but for now his hearing is A+ and all clear. 

There are so many things and people to pray for these days. We are continually humbled by those who still reach out - just to see how Cory is doing and for those who continue to pray for Cory's full recovery. 

St. John Licci and all of the Saints in heaven, we pray for your continued intercession.                           

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October 24, 2020 Happy Birthday Cory

Today Cory is celebrating his 29th birthday!🎂 Cory was a Halloween Blizzard baby - flashback to 1991. ❄️🎃👻 We are grateful for this day and all of the days since his accident over 6 weeks ago. Cory is doing really well and continues to recover at home. He is eager to finally meet with some specialists in the upcoming weeks to get some official news on his progress. It is difficult to be patient when you are eager to return to “regular” life, yet know that you are not ready for it yet. Uncertainty can also be daunting especially as the days get shorter and with winter around the corner. Today we thank God for Cory’s birthday and pray that Cory’s care team will be able to provide him with information and a general timeline for recovery. Cory is thankful for all of those that have reached out to him and is humbled by your thoughtfulness. We love you, Happy Birthday Cory ❤️ St. John Licci and all of the Saints in heaven, we pray for your continued intercession.                           


September 27, 2020 - 17 days later

Today Roger, Cory's brother Kyle, and I were able to visit Cory at home and give him a big hug. It was a relaxing visit complete with Madie's amazing chicken tacos. We were happy just to be together and hear how Cory is feeling.

Cory has been home since last Tuesday and continues to rest most of the time. He has many upcoming appointments with ENT, Audiology, PT, OT, Speech, Ophthalmology, and a follow up with the Traumatic Brain Injury clinic at HCMC.  As recovery is a slow process, so are the appointment schedules. Nothing urgent as long as Cory continues to rest and recover slowly at home. Cory is beginning to adjust to some of the new norms in his life. Cory has sight loss in his right eye due to a severed optic nerve and some hearing loss in his right ear. He is hopeful that his hearing should heal and recover in about 2-6 months but Cory is blind in his right eye and this injury is permanent. He is also on a regimen of therapeutic drugs to help him heal from his injury and trauma.

Cory is taking it day by day and getting stronger every minute. We are eternally grateful and humbled by the support of our friends, family, and faith communities who have lifted everyone affected by this accident. We feel your love and support and ask for your continued prayers for Cory as he continues to heal. St. John Licci and all of the Saints in heaven, we pray for your continued intercession.                                      


September 22, 2020 - Great News!

While we were all waiting for Cory to be moved out of ICU and into a step-down room, Cory had other plans. Cory has surpassed his medical team's expectations. Madie tells us that he is a little famous within his round of doctors and nurses. His lumbar drain was removed successfully and Cory remained stable over the past weekend. After a restful weekend, Cory was able to "test out" and met all discharge requirements by his therapists and doctor team. Cory now has the okay to finish his recovery at home with outpatient treatment. Of course, rest and more rest are what's in store as Cory continues to heal over the next weeks and months. Nothing like your own bed and your own home to bring comfort and respite. Madie will help Cory navigate whatever is ahead. We hope that Cory knows what a village he has behind him, continuing to hold him up. We pray tonight for those families, whose loved ones filled the floor that Cory was on, who are still waiting for their good news and whose hearts are heavy. Please continue to pray for Cory's recovery. We are so thankful for you and all of your prayers. St. John Licci and all of the Saints in heaven, we pray for your continued intercession.                            


September 19, 2020 - Two steps forward, One step back

Cory has endured an incredible week of recovery. The weekdays have been filled with challenging therapies. Today was a rest day. Cory is suffering from some hearing and sight loss that will be continually reevaluated. He also has had bouts of reoccurring nausea and head pain likely resulting from recovery and exhaustive therapy. A dark quiet room with Madie by his side is just what he needed today. Roger and I love Face Timing with Cory when he feels up to it. Morning time is the best. He is bright, awake, and most talkative then. We cherish being able to tell Cory how much we love him. He is waiting for a step-down room to open up and is currently in the Peds ICU - he tells us that the nurses are so nice there. We appreciate all of your support for Cory. Please continue to pray for a full recovery. St. John Licci and all of the Saints in heaven, we pray for your continued intercession.                   


September 17, 2020 - One Week

One week ago today, Cory was fighting for his life, and we were extremely scared. Today, we were able to Face Time with Cory and talk about his day. The Neuro Dr. that removed Cory's ventilator stopped by and was so happy to see how well Cory is doing. Cory is also getting his appetite back and was able to eat and drink more today. His day is filled with PT, OT and Speech therapies. They all are impressed at his recovery and amazing progress. They plan to remove his lumbar drain early next week if his swelling has stabilized. Cory read this Caring Bridge page today and was overwhelmed by the response and well wishes. Long term recovery is a slow process, and sometimes no news is good news. Please continue to pray for Cory's full recovery. We are so thankful for your prayers. St. John Licci and all of the Saints in heaven, we pray for your continued intercession.            


September 16, 2020 - Small Steps = Big Strides

Cory had another great day today. His nurses marvel at how well he is recovering as many of them were there when he was admitted last Thursday. Less than a week later, Cory was able to walk the halls with assistance today. We were very thankful that Madie could send us a short video to capture that moment. He could even lift his heels and toes too. He is able to recall many things, including that he had worked on that floor of the hospital doing some installation work a while back. It has been wonderful to hear his voice on the phone and to tell him how much we love him. Cory is getting stronger each day thanks to the amazing care at the Hennepin County Medical Center. We are hopeful that COVID visitor restrictions will be lifted soon, so we can all be there together. We are so humbled by everyone's continuous support and prayers for Cory, Madie and our family. Please keep praying for Cory's full recovery. St. John Licci and all of the Saints in heaven, we pray for your continued intercession.       


September 15, 2020 - Day by Day, Little by Little

Cory remains stable and comfortable. He is currently waiting for an open bed in a step-down unit. We are elated. Physical therapy surprised Cory today and had him up and taking a few steps across the room. He was steady and strong and is now pretty exhausted. Cory's energy is consumed by his injury recovery as expected, but we are so happy to hear about this progress. The next goal is to get Cory eating to build some strength and to aide in his recovery. Roger and I were able to talk to Cory for a couple of minutes on the phone this afternoon. Although tired, the sound of his voice drowned our eyes in tears. We told Cory about the village of people praying for him. He seemed kind of surprised at that. Wait until he sees how many!  Please keep praying for Cory's full recovery and that Mary, Mother of Sorrows on her feast day, will comfort us while we are away from Cory during this time. St. John Licci and all of the Saints in heaven, we pray for your continued intercession.