Journal entry by Corrine O'Day Hanan

We didn't even try to head home today.  Blizzard conditions in Iowa, solid ice in the Kansas City area, and lots of snow to admire here in Rochester.  We're all packed and ready to load up in the morning, and are hoping for decent road conditions home.

My visits with Dr. Shah and the team went well yesterday.  My CT scan showed a few things; however, nothing too alarming.  Dr. Shah said we're going to start with the basics:  an antibiotic for the sinus congestion and prednisone for the fluids.  He's increasing my Lasix as well.  The CT showed a mild inflammatory or infectious process in the bronchial tubes, and a few patchy areas of ground glass opacities (usually an infectious or inflammatory process).  Dr. Shah will be checking it again at the beginning of March.  Bottom line was no bronchoscopy necessary this time.  I also need a pulmonary consult and a cardiac consult, but he gave me the choice to stay this time a few extra days, or plan ahead and do the full workup next time.  Obviously I picked the next time!!  For one thing, we can see if the meds work, which will make it easier to diagnose me.

In March I have to be here twice, because I have to come every 28 days on this clinical trial.  However, my visit at the end of March is the last monthly visit!  I do not have to come back until July after that.  I'm pretty excited.

I was able to go outside for a bit today and take some pictures of the snow.  It's so pretty when it first lands and before the dirt from the cars and snow plows gets mixed in.  Right now it's 1 degree here with a wind chill of 21 degrees below zero.  Scott says it's below freezing in Oklahoma today, so the kids are supposed to be turning on faucets tonight.  I strongly encouraged the family to use the wood stove!  It's a Buck stove and keeps the house toasty, plus it saves on the propane bill.

Tina went to the store tonight and got some pork chops for dinner.  We made them with wild rice and steamed broccoli.  She used the pan drippings to make some brown gravy, too.  It was a great dinner, and it's the best I've eaten in a while.  I nearly finished both pork chops!!  I *did* start a round of steroids today, so it's possible they could have contributed to the increased appetite, but the food was so good.  I've been really stopped up since before I came back from Mayo the last time, and I can't smell or taste anything.  Tonight, though, I can smell and taste and enjoy!  Yum yum yum.  When I weighed in at my clinic visit, I had lost 13 more pounds since I first got to Mayo on January 2nd.  I hope that trend continues until I reach my goal weight.

I did not take a nap this afternoon, partly because I wanted to be sure I would be able to sleep tonight.  We want to get up fairly early and get on the road early so we can get through Kansas City early in the day.  The poor road conditions should improve south of Kansas City.

I am asking for prayer requests for my friend, Bryan.  He is a fellow transplant patient with a congenital heart defect waiting on a heart.  His condition has recently gotten critical and is now in ICU until they find a heart.  He has been waiting a very long time. 

God continues to take good care of me, although I haven't spent as much time in His word lately as I need to.  I love how patient He is with me.  Tonight I pray everyone has had some of God's patience today.  In Jesus' name, AMEN.
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