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So, tonight I am journaling on CaringBridge.  I have been under the weather since I came home from Mayo this last time.  Can't stop coughing, am all stopped up in the sinuses, my ears feel like they are under water, and I am basically just tired.  So I have had an interruption in my journaling, and have not been able to meet my every day commitment, but I am picking it back up from here and continuing on!  Part of the block is procrastination.  So, no more procrastinating!!

Sis Tina drove me back up to Mayo yesterday (Monday the 4th), although we actually arrived on Tuesday morning at 1:03 a.m.  :)  I came up a day earlier than planned so Dr. Shah could do a workup here for this cough which just doesn't want to vacate the premises!  I had my CT scan earlier this afternoon, and Dr. Shah will have had plenty of time to check it out before he sees me tomorrow at 1:30.  If the CT doesn't give him the answers he's seeking, he wants a bronchoscopy.  But, today when they were doing the CT scan, the technicians had me do films with both breathing in and holding it, and then breathing out and holding it, which Scott says gives them to view the tissue both with and without air in my lungs.  Without air gives them a better view of the tissue only; with air can sometimes put artifact in the film.

Also at this visit is my clinical trial check-in.  I haven't posted it here on CB, but last week's labs indicate that the clinical trial is taking hold.  So exciting.  The red counts (hemoglobin, hematocrit, and red blood count) were all NORMAL for the first time since the transplant (they weren't normal before the transplant at all, of course, but they should have come back by now; hence the clinical trial).  My white counts are still all whacked out, but the neutrophils are within 0.1 of normal, so that's awesome.  Platelets are still about 100,000 short, but I gained 20,000 in just a week.  Wouldn't it be just so amazing if the platelets went above 100,000 this week?  Also notice that transplant patients get all excited about the most unusual things--like counts.  :)

Obviously Scott is home with kids this trip, since Tina could bring me.  He did good this morning; they all got to school on time and cooperated reasonably well with after-school stuff.  Kyan was the only one out of sync, but he was just mad he had to pick up dog poop.  Hahahaha.

The weather here in Rochester is beautiful (it snowed today), but COLD, brr!!!  Last night as were were in Iowa heading north, the temperature dropped to zero.  We stopped off to get something to eat, and I got a fresh drink.  I dumped out the water in my mug (onto the pavement outside the car) and put my new drink into my mug.  I looked outside and the ice cubes, which had been dumped with the remaining fluid, were already frozen into the water into the water I had poured out!  On the inside of my window, where my breath had fogged the glass while I slept, the window was frozen!  Crazy.  After my CT scan, Tina and I went down the street for a late lunch.  It was snowing when we left.  An hour and a half later, as we're returning back to the GOL house, we were following the snow plow because they were already plowing the roads!  It only snowed 2-3" as far as I know, but the 2-3" completely covered the roads and drifts were already forming.  The wind chill here in Rochester earlier today was -8 degrees.  Hopefully I'll get some cool pictures tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a busy day at the clinic.  I meet with the clinical trial coordinator, have lab work, see the pharmacist, see the nurse coordinator, see the doctor, find out if they have more answers yet, find out if I get the leave Thursday or if I need a bronchoscopy.  So, tonight I will close and get some sleep.  Need to make time for those evening prayers!  For my fellow prayer warriors, one of my new transplant friends, Bryan, who is awaiting a new heart, is deteriorating rapidly and is being placed in ICU until they find a heart.  He has been waiting a while, and it's getting close to being too late.  So if you feel led, please add Brian to your prayers tonight.  And to answer prayers, my friend Leslie is doing well!

Nothing is too big for God.  I take great comfort in knowing that, and I hope maybe you can, too.  Prayers for a restful sleep tonight and a good day tomorrow.  In Jesus' name, AMEN.
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