Journal entry by Corrine O'Day Hanan

Well, today I got the all-clear from my doctor to go back home tomorrow.  AND I got my central line removed.  So awesome!  It took a very long time to get the central line out (like, an hour instead of five minutes) and lots of Lidocaine and lots of tugging.  Apparently the "hood" portion of the line got seriously entangled with scar tissue.  I told the provider I get attached to things.  Just kidding, of course.  But.  The bottom line is that I'm free of the lines and get to take a bath soon.  Important stuff.

We are totally packed up except a few minor essentials we need tonight and in the morning.  We are going to wait until the morning to load because of the severe cold and our numerous electronics--not a good combination.  Scott has actually committed to getting up early with me and loading the car before I go to clinic for my last three appointments so that, the moment I'm finished, he can pick me up and we can be on our way.

Ky was really funny tonight.  I was talking to Rick about our tomorrow plans, and the kids got off the bus right as we were finishing up the phone call.  Kyan asked to speak to me.  He gets on the phone and says, in as nonchalant a tone as he could muster, "okay, I'll go."  Then he hands the phone back to Rick.  So I officially have a date for the Mother-Son event at school on Friday night.

Maggie has strep throat, so she has to stay home from school tomorrow.  I am so blessed that my friend, Sarah, is able to go out to my house and stay with kids until my friend, Kim, goes over to my house (after she has worked all day) to stay at my house with them until we pull in.  IF we cannot make it, then Mary is going to go over about 9.  We hear the roads in Iowa are snowy, which could slow us down.  However, if we get out of here as early as we think we can, we will NOT be going through Kansas City during rush hour!  So, triple blessings from my dear friends and sis Mary and brother Paul.

As far as my regular doctor checkup, it went well today.  We continue to be in a holding pattern.  Basically just waiting for the next test result to see if we get any new clues.  My coughing is due to a plain old cold, not pneumonia or some exotic virus.  My counts were improved today.  My eosinophils are still very high.  My calcium is still low.  My albumin is still low, but all three liver enzymes were ALL in normal limits, at the same time for the first time in who knows when.  I have lost almost ten more pounds just while I've been here.  (A fact I am blissfully happy about.)  The result is that there are still things out of whack, but so far we don't have a single cause or answer...yet.  I had another of the dizzy spells today, so we'll be keeping an eye on that.  Dr. said something about a neuro/ vestibular exam if they continue.  I asked all my questions, didn't get all the answers I had hoped for, but I did get the most important one of today:  YES, you can go home.  Hahahahahaha.

So here I am, three-plus weeks after I left home this time, ready to go home and spend two weeks visiting my house.  Tee hee.  When I come back in two weeks, and am here only a little bit, it'll be my last two-week turnaround time.  Then I move to monthly visits until April, when I switch to every three months!  It's so close, people!  Soon my life will resemble a normalcy I can only dream of right now.  I just found out another CR class is starting up in a few months (one I haven't taken yet), and I'm excited I might be able to do it.

I checked in on the news today, for what purpose I don't know, because nothing is really happening.  it's all bad news, no news, sad news...I like to read the good stuff, too.  I look for the God in stories.  I see God a lot here in the transplant house.  Lots of believers are here, and we all share our own God testimonies.  Rochester itself is very welcoming to the various religions. For example, there is a Jewish synagogue across the street from the transplant house.  There is a very large Muslim population which is well-integrated into the local society.  

It occurred to me today that I have expressed trepidation about going home, in the sense that I get kind of anxious about "getting stuck here" longer than I had planned.  Today, everything went really well and I'm going home.  But last night I truly turned it over to God, fully accepted whatever His answer was going to be, and by the time I got to the doctor's office I wasn't even thinking about whether I was going home or not.  I was focused on the answers we had and which ones we are still missing.  It was later in the day that I realized I had quit thinking about it after I turned it over to God and reminded myself, for the millionth time, that God has it under control, and all things will happen in His perfect timing.

Next time I come, it will only be for a few days, and then hopefully I will be able to go see my brother George and his wife Michele and my nieces and nephews I haven't met yet.  George and Chris (and their wives) were able to fly into Oklahoma a few weeks after my mom's heart attack but, since I was in Rochester, I didn't get to visit with them.  My need to see my family has only gotten stronger.  They have done so much for me in this past year, and they have blessed me so much--I just want to see everybody and give thanks in person.  Plus, BONUS:  my beloved friend, Shary, whom I have known for more than 35 years now, has moved to Virginia (where my brother, George, lives) and is only about an hour's drive away from where I'll be staying.

So, I'm going to end tonight with the happy face and blessed heart of a person who is heading home to beloved kiddos, loving family, and treasured friends tomorrow.  I praise God with all my being.  I hope you can see God working in your life, too.  In Jesus' name, AMEN. 
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