Journal entry by Corrine O'Day Hanan

Today was a good day, as days go.  I was able to sleep in a little bit before Mayo called with a chest x-ray order.  I went over to the clinic and got that done, and several amazing things happened.  One, I went downstairs and asked for the shuttle to be paged for me.  The receptionist didn't have to page the shuttle, though, because it pulled up while I asking, to drop passengers off!  So, I get on the shuttle and get over to the clinic.  Two, I was early to the appointment because I was expecting it to take longer for the shuttle to arrive.  I went ahead and signed in, figuring I could read while I waited.  I literally NO SOONER sat myself down than the tech called my name.  They took me back early because they were caught up!!  Thus, I was able to get my x-ray early and got back downstairs.  And, three, I sat down to wait for the shuttle and it pulled up--I had been dropped off thirty minutes before that and so I caught the very next shuttle!  Woot woot!  Gotta love the little things.

Dr. Shah's office called a couple of hours after my x-ray to let me know Dr. Shah had seen the x-ray and that it looked "reassuring" to him.  He will decide tomorrow if he's going to order a CT scan, due to my "complicated" cardiopulmonary history.  Last summer when I got pneumonia, the x-ray was negative but the CT showed the pneumonia, so he's not altogether overdoing it if he wants the CT scan.  Besides, these new machines take only about 5 minutes to do a CT scan.  In the older machines, the techs in the control booth had to manually take the photos sequentially, and it took about 45 minutes to an hour, remember? Well, now, the machine goes down and up, ALL the photos are taken in one pass, and then the computer compiles them.  Technology is grand.

I was sitting here typing, and Scott says, "you're wheezing."  I ask, in all seriousness (because I'm so focused), "oh, is that me making those noises?"  Hahahahaha.  It's not quite inhaler time--as in, it's too soon--but I'll be taking meds before bed.

Today different folks on the CR page were talking about group tonight, and I was all excited, thinking, "next week I get to go to CR!!"  It's already been a month, I think, since I was able to go.  Right now my counts are just barely over the threshold, so I'm putting extra effort into getting them up. If the current schedule holds, I'll be home late Thursday night.  Plenty of time to recover for Tuesday. 

Well, I need to put myself to bed.  Have early labs in the morning, and then see the doctor's assistant, and then, hopefully, I get my central line removed!!  I've been reading a lot of smaller Bible stuff today, as I didn't sit and read.  I pray you're getting time with God!  In Jesus' name, AMEN.

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