Hap Hegman|Dec 10, 2018
Corrine, We are so happy for you and your family. This is a true Christmas gift.
We will continue to include you in our prayers.
I hope we will see you during the holidays!
Barb and Hap
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Pam Ayres|Dec 6, 2018
Thinking of you today, Corrine! Prayers for a short hospital stay and lots of Christmas fun ahead for you and your family!!!

Just a quick tip, chewing gum helps to get things rolling again 😂👍🏻😘
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bridget hegman|Dec 6, 2018
Cousin you are one tough cookie--so happy for you and grateful for your news. Blessings and goodness to you and your sweet (relieved) family!!! oxoxoxoxox
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JoAnn Mathews|Dec 5, 2018
Hi Corrine 🦋 I have kept you in prayer today. I am happy this surgery is finished. How does one come up with the right words? Like you’ve just been to hell and back and I know you have suffered more than most of us will ever know. So I want to say what I have learned from you is about being courageous and bold and strong when you thought you could take no more. You fought like a classy lady. Damn right you did! I want you on my team, lady! I wish for you to get some sleep tonight. Wake up to some good food. Have someone bring you a cold one. Praying for a full recovery and comfort as you heal. Love ya❤️
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Tracy Peterson|Dec 5, 2018
So glad it went well girlfriend. Ill be ready for the celebration when you are feeling up to it.
Love ya
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Chris Schonhoff|Dec 5, 2018
So happy to hear it all went well! Have been thinking of you all day! Can’t wait to see you again soon. ❤️
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Beverley Null|Dec 5, 2018
WestWood Elementary is pleased to hear that Corrine is doing well! Come see us when you feel like a visit! Love and prayers sent to you!
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Ellie Gednalski|Dec 5, 2018
Haha! 😊❤️ Wonderful!
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Malinda Carney|Dec 5, 2018
Prayers for fast healing! Such terrific news!
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Julie Durgin|Dec 5, 2018
That's great news! Thanks for the update! You go girl!
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