JoAnn Mathews|Nov 11, 2018 (edited)
Hey, tough ass👏 I said that because I know you and you know I’m a bet crazy🤣 You are indeed a tough ass! I have prayed many a time for you Corrine and you will forever be included in my prayer time. Who the heck goes through this brutal disease and sets the standards so high with your incredible grace and beauty. Never a bad smile or bad hair day. I’m not saying you haven’t screamed at the wall or got off easy on the pain but you did it as a strong woman. I pray for all your doctors and professional medical teams for your upcoming surgery. That God blesses their hands and gives them the wisdom to do the best surgery in your favor. I simply love you. All joking aside my heart has been sad and pained knowing the journey you have fought! Keep fighting Warrior 💕💕💕🙏🙏🙏☮️☮️☮️✝️✝️
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Ellie Gednalski|Nov 1, 2018
Hooray!!! This is such good news, Corrine! It made my day to read it. 😊
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Hap Hegman|Oct 31, 2018
What wonderful news, thank you for sharing. I am certain this will go down in memory as one of the best days ever!
We will continue our prayers and send positive thoughts in your direction.

Hap and Barb
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Stephanie and Craig Folven|Oct 31, 2018
Wonderful news Corrine! Continued prayers to help the doctors guide your procedures and for healing and comfort. Hugs to you! Stephanie
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Cece Rueckert|Oct 31, 2018
I’m SO happy for you. I never had doubts because I know your a fighter! I hope you start feeling better very soon. ❤️
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Lori Bergsten|Oct 31, 2018
Great news! Continued prayers from your old Neill neighborhood! We think of you so often. Let us know if you need our help with anything. Love you! P.S. We miss your neighborhood Halloween parties!
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Beverley Null|Oct 31, 2018
Prayers coming to you from your WestWood family! Can't wait for you to come sub again with us! Miss you!
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Kathy Bush|Oct 31, 2018
Love you Corrine!! You have been so strong and upbeat throughout the battle. Our prayers continue for you and the family. ❤️
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