Scott Zehnder|Apr 10, 2018
Keeping you in our prayers
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Lisa Jackson|Apr 5, 2018
Hey Cuz! One down...put greg, mom and me down for a few chemo buddies! We are ready when you are!

Can’t wait to see you soon!!

We’ve got our TEAM CORRINE shirts and pins on!!

We love you
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Linda and Lexi Bear|Apr 4, 2018
You go girl! Kick cancers butt!! If you have any questions about chemo let me know. Some people have a lot of side effects and others don't. I was one of those people that had several issues. Be upfront with your oncologist on your symptoms. Most often they have something to make you feel more comfortable. Take care my dear!! (P.S. Thank you for the updates. :)
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Alice Determan|Apr 4, 2018
We are thinking about and praying for you.
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Stacy Peterson|Apr 4, 2018
Thinking and praying for you!
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Tracy Peterson|Apr 4, 2018
Hey girl, You look great in the picture. Hope you are feeling ok. I would love to spend some chemo time with you, please let me know your schedule. Hugs and Prayers
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Celeste Wilson|Apr 4, 2018
Before you know it- they will all be done. Just keep really hydrated lots of H2O. Sending you lots of positive vibes and prayers.
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Kathy Bush|Apr 4, 2018
Corrine I know you will beat this - your strength and support will help you through this tough time. Hang in there we love you 😍
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Jill Drage|Apr 4, 2018
Thinking of you sweet girl! Knowing you are going to kick this cancer! Stay strong.
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Chris Schonhoff|Apr 4, 2018
So glad we got to spend some time with you over the last couple days Corrine. One down!!! You can do this! Am thinking of you every day, and will see you again soon. Sending all my love and prayers! :)
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