Courtney Cathleen|Mar 10, 2018
You are so tough, you will beat this!! Sending prayers, love, healing and strength to you during this time.. Stay strong and have faith..

Courtney and Shayla
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Vickie Novak|Mar 10, 2018
Hi Corrine,
Tracy P. Told me about your diagnosis and caring bridge site! So saddened to hear your news. My brother is a stage 4 rectal cancer patient, it’s an unbelievable fight, but he is doing it!! Like yourself, he has a great support system and that is huge! Lean on family and friends to help you! Stay strong and keep fighting!! I have added you too my list of people who need prayers!!
Take care,
Vickie Novak
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Christina Shadle|Mar 7, 2018
Send good thoughts, positive vibes,and prayers from far away! You have been strong and brave as long as I have known you, kick it's *ass*
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Vanessa Whitehead|Mar 6, 2018
Corrine my sister and lover of life. My prayers and support are with you. Continue to Be Strong and Courageous. If any one can beat this you can.
Love you
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Hap Hegman|Mar 6, 2018
Thank you, Therese, for this update and link. This site is amazing for so many reasons.
Our thoughts and prayers are on the way.
Hap and Barb
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Pam Ayres|Mar 6, 2018
Hi Corrine! I'm from our Book Club and used to live on Myrtle Drive. So sorry to hear of this news.
I, too had colorectal cancer 11 years ago when I was 47. Stage 3. I had blood in my stool as well. Radiation, surgery, illeostomy & reversal, & chemo.
After recovering from surgery, I went back to my job part-time while I continued with my chemo plan. I got used to the ileostomy, then had it reversed. It was about 1 year total of a 'bump' in the road of our lives. I feel lucky to be able to tell this story.
You are a very strong person and I know you can do this. I have a friend who had rectal cancer about 10 years before I did and she was my mentor. She's now an author of several books and talks on the speaker circuit to the health industry about her experiences. A true inspiration.
If you want to talk or text, let me know. We are thinking of you and your family and praying for your continued strength and healing.
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