Honor Corey

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28 Tribute Donations

“In honor of your 10th Alive Day. Thank you for showing me what true love and determination really are. I love you and you are my hero.”

— Jennifer Briest

“Congratulations on another milestone-your 9th Alive Day! You and your family are truly inspiring for your continued fight for you to be more independent, and your love for one another... Happy Holidays!”

— Tammi

“In honor of your 9th Alive Day. You are my best friend, my husband, my hero. Most days I am thankful for your stubbornness...thank you for never giving up and showing that you can do anything you put your mind to.”

— Jennifer Briest

“In honor of a true champion. I love you and your continued determination. Thank you for never giving up! Happy 8th Alive Day.”

— Jenny

“In honor of Corey Briest. Corey,I have searched and searched for you. I just felt love for you on Wounded Warriors. They never gave a name. I tried to donate to you personally,but who am I donating to ?? Thank God for you Corey !!! .”

— blazerfan

“In honor of Corey Briest and his wife, Jenny. You two are such an inspiration and have truly touched my heart. Keep up that amazing spirit!”

— Joni

“In honor of Corey Briest, his incredible wife, and their children...”

— Anonymous

“In honor of the Briest family, each of you are truly inspiring. Do us a favor Corey, taste your food! (And chew it too!)”

— J

“In honor of your 7th Alive Day. You continue to work thru obstacle that is given to you...never give up! I am so proud of you! Love ya!”

— Jenny

“In honor of Corey Briest”

— Anonymous