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Site created on July 5, 2018

As many of you know Corbin was involved in a serious car accident on the Fourth of July.  Corbin and his friends were planning a fun day of tubing down the river.  The details of the crash are all hear say to us at this point. 
Corbin was rushed to concord hospital where it took a while to stabilize him and then he was rushed into surgery.  We were told he had a severe head trauma and bleeding in his abdomen.  They were going to operate but couldn’t give me many answers because they had to open him up to find out the extent of his injuries.  When they came out of the OR they basically told us it was catastrophic and he would not recover because of the brain injury.  Shortly after a doctor came out and said a few things had changed.  They were seeing  some positive signs of brain activity.  Luckily Corbin has a family member (Paul Raymond) who has been our and Corbin’s life saver.  He is in the medical field and suggest we get him flown to Boston Children’s Hospital because it is a level 1 trauma hospital and would be best equipped to treat Corbin.  Within an hour the helicopter was there and he was airlifted to Boston where he immediately underwent two more surgeries. 

As of now he’s touch and go. They still don’t know the extent of his injuries.  They have been doing everything they can to keep him stable and right now the main goal is to monitor his brain for swelling because the first 48-72hrs are most crucial.  

Corbin is sedated and has had his family by his side every second they have allowed us to be here.   We appreciate everyone’s thoughts, prayers and kind words for Corbin.  

We can’t express enough thanks for everything Boston Children’s Hospital has done for him and is continuing to do for him.  It’s really unbelievable and we know he’s in the best hands here.  It’s just hour to hour here and we will try to keep posting when we have news. 

The last thing I really wanted to say is that these kids involved  were all young and anyone of them could have been driving.  We know all these kids and care deeply about all of them. This is a time to pull together because all of our families are struggling in different ways.  The last thing I want to hear is that anyone is blaming anyone or anyone is getting bullied or blamed. We don’t feel this way AT ALL and don’t believe anyone else should. We also need to remember that these kids involved were some of Corbin’s best friends and he would have no respect for anyone treating his friends badly. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Sadie Raymond

Hello all of our Caring Bridge followers!  Its been a very long time but I'm back for an update.  Caring Bridge was such an amazing tool to have while we were going through Corbin ordeal.  It was such an easy way for me to keep everyone who cared about him up to date on his progress but more importantly, even though I didn't know it at the time, it was therapeutic for me to write.  It gave me strength to read all the positive messages and feel all of the love everyone was sharing with us.  The stories complete strangers shared with me that gave me hope when the doctors seemed hopeless were all life changing for me.  So I can't thank you all enough!

As many of you know I was urged to turn my posts into a book.  I was very hesitant because I didn't want to read those posts from the beginning, I didn't want to relive the pain that was still so fresh and as most of you know I'm a very private person and the thought of putting it ALL out there wasn't appealing to me but then I realized when I was in the thick of it I searched for stories like Corbin's with a positive outcome.  I was desperate for the hope.  Desperate to for proof there was a chance Corbin was going to be ok and I realized I can be that person to so many people if I do this book.  So after lots of time reflecting, tears, reliving our nightmare and maybe a little wine, THE BOOK IS DONE!!  I want this book to give everyone that reads it hope, no matter what you are going through you have to stay positive and not give up hope.  I also want this book to teach everyone you NEED to be your own advocate.  I learned so much through this process and my hope is sharing will help others

So if you think you know it all from my posts, you're wrong!  There was plenty I never spoke of, plenty was much worse that I ever wrote about.  My ups, my downs, and my break downs.  You will laugh, cry and hold your breath even if you know the story.  So if you'd like to read it all please feel free to visit the website to get a copy!

If you're local Corbin and I will be doing our first COVID friendly books signing outside at CC Tomatoes in Concord, NH at 1:21pm on 11/1/20 ( the anniversary of Corbin's homecoming).  We will be signing previously purchased books, selling books and we'll even have some Corbin swag for sale. We always love getting to thank our supporters in person!

If you do read the book please share your reviews with us!  We have had lots of positive feed back so far and love hearing hat you enjoyed the story.  You can go to the website and share reviews or tag us on social media with #121days.

My hope is this project can help us do good.  It will give you hope, teach you something and also give us a voice to help others.  Right now we are helping a local inspiring endurance athlete, Austin Whittemore raise money for the Austin Texas marathon with all of the proceeds being donated to Boston Childrens Hospital in Corbins name.  If you'd like to help raise money for BCH you can see the project at goFundme and search #teamcorbin, It will be the first one you see.  Our next project will be working with our local town and fire/rescue to raise money to get needed life saving equipment the don't currently have.  So stay tuned!!  Be things coming!  

If you'd like to continue to follow or journey sign up for updates at  !!

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