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Site created on July 5, 2018

As many of you know Corbin was involved in a serious car accident on the Fourth of July.  Corbin and his friends were planning a fun day of tubing down the river.  The details of the crash are all hear say to us at this point. 
Corbin was rushed to concord hospital where it took a while to stabilize him and then he was rushed into surgery.  We were told he had a severe head trauma and bleeding in his abdomen.  They were going to operate but couldn’t give me many answers because they had to open him up to find out the extent of his injuries.  When they came out of the OR they basically told us it was catastrophic and he would not recover because of the brain injury.  Shortly after a doctor came out and said a few things had changed.  They were seeing  some positive signs of brain activity.  Luckily Corbin has a family member (Paul Raymond) who has been our and Corbin’s life saver.  He is in the medical field and suggest we get him flown to Boston Children’s Hospital because it is a level 1 trauma hospital and would be best equipped to treat Corbin.  Within an hour the helicopter was there and he was airlifted to Boston where he immediately underwent two more surgeries. 

As of now he’s touch and go. They still don’t know the extent of his injuries.  They have been doing everything they can to keep him stable and right now the main goal is to monitor his brain for swelling because the first 48-72hrs are most crucial.  

Corbin is sedated and has had his family by his side every second they have allowed us to be here.   We appreciate everyone’s thoughts, prayers and kind words for Corbin.  

We can’t express enough thanks for everything Boston Children’s Hospital has done for him and is continuing to do for him.  It’s really unbelievable and we know he’s in the best hands here.  It’s just hour to hour here and we will try to keep posting when we have news. 

The last thing I really wanted to say is that these kids involved  were all young and anyone of them could have been driving.  We know all these kids and care deeply about all of them. This is a time to pull together because all of our families are struggling in different ways.  The last thing I want to hear is that anyone is blaming anyone or anyone is getting bullied or blamed. We don’t feel this way AT ALL and don’t believe anyone else should. We also need to remember that these kids involved were some of Corbin’s best friends and he would have no respect for anyone treating his friends badly. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Sadie Raymond

So once again its been a while.  We have been extremely busy.  Corbin schedule hasn't slowed down, still 6 therapy appointments a week and 5 days a week a tutoring.  4 at home, 1 at school, hoping to move them all to school in the next week or so.  Corbin is really enjoying the time with his friends.  I don't thing he realized how much until he started seeing so many of them again.  Prom really lit a spark in him.  
Prom, so time to back track.  Lets start a few months ago.  My mom was really the one saying you cant work anymore you need to support you children, (4 of them) what are you going to do?  No clue!  I quit my job the day of Corbin accident and barely find five minutes in my day to shower never mind work.  So then she started pushing me to write a book.  Well that wasn't a great idea to me.  I've never been a writer.  Then she started reminding me of how many people read my caring bridge updates. I did Caring Bridge as an update for family and friends so I didn't have to write 30 messages a day but then it was at 20k and 50k and 150K all the way to over 300k.  That still surprises me.  Not everything was wrote about though, only half of what was really going on.  

I got this random email from a woman named Chelsie.  She works for CHaD and wanted to know if I would speak at a conference she was organizing.  I was so busy I didn't really consider it at first. Also, public speaking is probably my second worse fear than losing a child.  Honored to be asked but not possible from me.  Then a got another message from a woman about her non profit in Boston and how she should like me to speak at her event.  Mean while my mother kept pushing for a book, other people started pushing and I said oh well I'll start writing, at least it will make them happy.  With no intention of it ever being anything.  In my last caring bridge page I said 'I started writing a book' and that night I got a message from my friend Amy telling me she knows someone in publishing and she's hooking us up.  Before I know it I'm talking to my new friend Todd Civins.  He's a published author and has been in publishing for years.  I can't thank Amy enough because Todd has been a miracle in this world I know nothing about.  

Fast forward, we're doing the book for real not just me making people happy but it cost a TON of money!  Todd tells me about Kickstarted and how we can raise money to cover these costs by pre selling the book.  So we launch Kickstarter.  In the mean time I tell him about these crazy ideas people are emailing me about speaking and he gives me a little nudge.  No idea what I was thinking but I agreed to them.  The organization from Boston went from a talk to helping with a class she taught a Harvard Medical School in Boston.  I agreed.   

May 6th Corbin and I attended the annual NH Traffic Safely Conference in Concord, NH.  We were Key note speakers.  I was a nervous reck, Corbin was just along for the ride.  I told Corbin's story, from how he was before the accident to how he's doing today.  I just thought people might want to hear more or know more but after I spoke I had so many people from parents to state troopers come up to me telling me how impactful his story was.  A trooper told me hearing stories like Corbin's gives them the inspiration to keep doing what they do.

At the same time I start working with a student from Harvard.  The Healing Power of Story Telling.  We're writing a paper on Corbin's story and the emotional side of it.  I was at the accident site and I saw him on his death bed before his first surgery.  On May 9th we went to Boston to speak to the medical students and other survivors and their families.  Once again, still felt like this wasn't real, even though again, plenty of people were thanking us.  

A week later and its time for prom.  Corbin's senior prom.  Corbin and his sister Grace decided to go together.  So we shopped for a dress, tried on suits, picked out flowers, scheduled hair and nail appointments and had dress fittings but it all came together perfectly.  They were both so excited.  I was standing there waiting for their names to be called at the prom walk and I just lost it.  I never allowed myself to picture Corbin not being there for these things but knowing all to well its kind of a miracle he was there WALKING into prom.  Corbin and Grace walked by and they were perfect.  Huge smiles and you could just see the bond they have.  They had a great time.  Corbin said he was on the dance floor all night.  

Two days after prom Corbin and I to spoke at a local high school for there safe driving week. Over 600 high school kids gathered in the gym and listened to Corbin's story .  I could see girls crying in the audience as I told them about the moment we were told to say goodbye to Corbin and when we were done so many of the students came up and thanked us.  They hugged me and shook Corbin's hand. Corbin has even had some of the students reach out to him on social media.  

Our hope is that Corbin's story will change lives.  Give some people the strength to not give up, the inspiration to keep saving lives or prevent even one teen to be more careful so that other families don't have to go through what we have.

So as of today we have until Tuesday at 10am to meet our funding goal on Kickstarter.  Thank you to everyone who has pre ordered!  If you think you want to read this story I urge you to pre order.  If we don't reach our goal, we'll have to start over with new ideas to get the project funded because Kickstarter is all or nothing.  We get none of the pre order money if we don't reach our goal.  We believe this story should be told and the power it could have so we're not giving up!
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