Journal entry by Christine Tippett

Today marks FOUR weeks since Cooper’s surgery.  It’s all so surreal.  I’ve got this 6 year old boy running around the house, playing games, playing outside and arguing with his sister - seems exactly like any other 6 year old on summer break, but Cooper’s wearing a neck brace.  He’s adjusted spectacularly to the neck brace.  Occasionally the stitches on the back of his neck itch, and we take the brace off to put a cool washcloth on the back of his neck.  He rarely complains about his hip, where they took the bone to graft to his vertebrae.  He often complained of headaches, but that’s lessening as well.  It’s just such a blessing to be home, and have life back to “normal”.  And just like “normal” we are back to weekly infusions, play dates, and we’ve even planned a trip this summer!  For FUN!!  Since Cooper isn’t in the body cast we were anticipating, we’ll take advantage of airline travel being easy and visit family in the Pacific Northwest next month.  
Cooper hasn’t been as self-concision about the neck brace since we’ve been home, so we’ve been out and about a bit.  He was excited to play mini-golf with Papa and Grandma last weekend.
Cooper will have Xrays of his neck once a month, starting today, until the beginning of September.  We’ll send the Xrays back to Dr. Mackenzie at Nemours to review.  We think he’ll only need 3 months total in the neck brace. 
That’s all that’s new from here.  This recovery seems to be pretty easy?!?!
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.  Our current prayers are for flawless healing as expected and continued recovery.
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