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Site created on April 24, 2019

On April 19th 2019 Cooper was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. On 4/24 we admitted him to Children’s Mercy in Kansas City,MO to start his therapy treatments. He was released from the hospital 4/26 to finish his chemotherapy in an out patient setting. We have been told that his treatment will be a minimum of 3.5 years. Also, we were told on 4/26 that the sample of spinal fluid that was taken from Cooper did not have cancer cells in it. So that is great news for him.
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Mike and Cheryl Lorentz
Tucker,Joshua, Zachary, Brady, Levi

Newest Update

Journal entry by Cheryl Lorentz

Today Cooper began his 3rd phase of chemotherapy. This particular phase is a slow monitored treatment which calls for him to be admitted into the hospital every other Friday,  for a total of 4 visits. The medicine (Methotrexate) is on a slow drip that will take 24 hours to administer and has to be flushed out of his system before he can be discharged from the hospital. Cooper also had a lumbar puncture today, the results will tell us if his spine is carrying cancer cell, so far we have been blessed to be cancer free... Praise God!

If all goes well this weekend,  Cooper will be able to go back to school next week and resume a normal as possible life.

Cooper has been amazing through all of this. Keeping a positive attitude and laughter in the mix makes all the difference in the world.  

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. Coopers kicking cancers butt!

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